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Kai - The Wonder Dog
Jim Boyd

This is a story - of how my friend Cheryl found a pet that she could love like no other.

It is also a story of how a dog, with very poor prospects, could find a home like no other.

Finally, it is a story of how some hunters, resistant at first, could find a friend like no other.

Huntin' Hogs
Ed T.

An expert, I ain't, but that sure does not keep me from enjoying some serious hog hunting. I'd wanted to hunt wild boars for about as long as I can remember and I finally took the step, along with a couple of Buddies in 2007. We went to a place near Waynesboro, Ga. and we had a blast. Between the three of us we took two hogs, what most call meat hogs of around 80 lbs. One of them, the first, ended up being shot with ALL four hunters present and at a range of about 5 yds, no kidding!

Knock, Knock, Knock
Jim Boyd

Knock, knock, knock.
Groggy, my brother looked at the clock beside the bed – 2:57 am.
What in the world???
Stumbling to the door and flipping on the outside light, Ronnie finds a guy he does not know standing there on the porch. In the cold pre-dawn of a 17 degree morning January morning, he wears jeans and a flannel shirt.
Cracking the door open, Ronnie peers out.

Tony the Yankee - and the "Lost" Ten Pointer
Jim Boyd

Tony wanted this buck - and wanted him badly!
A great ten pointer, for a guy who had only been deer hunting for two years now - would put a wonderful cap on a season that had already seen two does harvested but no bucks. In fact, the only buck Tony had ever taken was a smallish six pointer the year before.
He had seen this ten pointer twice in person already - but both times could not get an ethical shot - and he had him on trail cam numerous times. It was cold, it was late in November and the time was right - Tony could feel it in the air!!

Heart of a Hunter II
Jim Boyd
We recently visited with Doug (see Hunting Story "Heart of a Hunter") as he recovered from a 2009 bowhunting accident in which he fell, was injured fairly badly and the spent the early part of 2010 recovering from the event.
The Heart of a Hunter
Jim Boyd

October 2009.
The bow shot was true.
The arrow passed between the ribs on one side, through both lungs and broke a rib as it exited the other side.

A "Rattling" Experience - Part II
Jim Boyd

I have, many times in the past, admitted a deep love for black water swamps.
What's not to love?
Mosquitoes by the squadrons.
Fat, black cottonmouths that have a disposition that makes condemned murderers seem mild (test that one, if you want - but be forewarned).

The Buck With a "Will To Live"
Jim Boyd

Mistakes were made that day, for sure... on my part and the part of a buck that had a very strong will to live.

I saw him coming in spite of the heavy cover.

Head low, apparently hot on the trail of seven does that had crossed the old log road in single file a few moments earlier... he moved across the oak flat with a purpose. One of them must have been in estrous, I thought... no logical explanation for him to be tracking like that - except for that reason. This appeared to be mistake # 1 for him.

Twin Sons of Different Mothers
Jim Boyd

Early in September, a bachelor group of 4 bucks files into a soybean food plot in the very murky moments of daylight.

Unbeknownst to them, a hunter is perched 125 or so yards away in a tripod stand at the other end of the plot. Equipped with very sensitive 8x56 European binoculars, the hunter watches as they file into the field and begin to gorge on beans.

"Bag Of Bones" Buck - aka: A Hard Days Work
Jim Boyd

December comes hard in South Carolina, at least as it relates to deer hunting.

It is hard on the deer, too... food is scarce, the rut is very long and protracted and it simply takes a toll on the deer.