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Just "Visiting"
Jim Boyd

Some years ago, a friend invited me down to the true heart of the LowCountry in SC for a deer hunt - fabled Estill, SC.

I had hunted for several years with this gentleman prior to this and had seen some dandy bucks but had never taken one - fate (or my ineptitude) always intervened...

This trip was in late October when our area finds the bucks rather active and "on the move", so I had very high hopes as I joined him.

2 Jakes for JimBob
Jim Boyd

The cool pre-dawn hour was still and calm on that March morning in the LowCountry of SC… the dew lay heavy on the grass and made walking across the fallow field almost silent.

Burdened by what seemed like a preposterous amount of gear (just to chase a darn bird), I made my way across the field.

Good Lord, I thought….seat, blind material, stakes, 2 decoys, shotgun, slate call, box call, reed calls, owl call, crow call, Thermacell, coffee thermos, flashlight, face net, gloves – what ELSE could you possibly need????

Three Cheers for Brandon (Wheelchair Hunter)
Jim Boyd

The accident for Brandon, when it came, was seemingly benign.

Here was a 17 year old kid, riding in a Hare Scramble race in 2002 - an INCREDIBLY fast kid... who had no fear. Racing in the A250 class and routinely beating AA riders, he rode effortlessly and at a blistering pace.

South Carolina Trophy Buck
Don Clewley
I have been hunting in South Carolina for 9 years and had yet to shoot a trophy sized buck. Coming from Montana, I really didn't have high expectations, but didn't expect to be shut out for 9 years either. I would like to share this story of encouragement for those who have hunted for years and have not yet shot a decent buck.
The LowCountry Swamp Buck
Jim Boyd
Southeastern South Carolina is the LowCountry. When you are here and know what it means, it gets in your bones, even if you are not a native son, which I am not.
South Carolina 'Trick or Treat' Buck
Jim Boyd
Settling into my stand in the early afternoon, I had no idea the delights that Nature had in store for me. Just a few days before Halloween, the kids in the neighborhood would soon be lining up for the treats that were already positioned in the bowl by the front door. Positioned up above a dense thicket that ran along a swamp bottom, I had a decent view of the creek area as it opened up in front of me. From past experience, we knew that does often use this semi-hidden corridor as a travel route. Knowing this, I also figured that there may be a buck or two in the area, as late October often finds the does being pursued rather aggressively in our area of the South...