The Snow Day Bucks

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This was one of them years that nothing seemed to go right. We had done our homework and scouted hard in the preseason. I found two excellent rub-lines to hunt off. Both were way in, and that in itself made it harder. While sitting in the camper drinking coffee one morning, Big Mike said I must be getting old because this season has me beat. I replied I feel the same way, but we only have one week left to score. I blamed our poor performance on the lack of snow.

The weather just would not cooperate at all. We had freezing rain more times than I could count, but no snow. There was only five days left in the rifle season. When I opened the camper door to see what the weather was going to offer up this day I was pleasantly surprised.

Overnight we had about two inched of snow. With the new snow we needed to make something happen. There is a dirt road that runs from the Cedar River Flow, up thru the Moose River Plains, about 35 miles long. This is a wilderness camping area, remote as you can find. We decided to drive the road in hopes of finding a buck crossing to follow.

We found several crossings, but nothing Mike wanted to track. We drove in the road to Lost Pond and bingo, three deer had crossed and one was a large buck. With that Big Mike was out the door, pack on his back, rifle in hand and gone. He stopped at the side of the road, put a few drops of Harmon’s Fox Urine on his boots and headed in. I gave him the thumbs up sign as he looked back, and he did the same.

I had only gone another 5 miles when I discovered another crossing. It looked like a buck and three doe. I parked the truck, picked up my gear, put some Fox Pee on my boots, and headed in. We each had three sandwiches; three candy bars, water bottle, and change of socks. The plan was to come back to the road by 3PM.

As I followed the tracks into the woods I was very glad to have a fresh buck to try and chase down. I had only gone about a quarter mile when I jumped them. They had bedded on a side hill, overlooking Hell Diver Pond. I saw the three flags go out a head of me, but could make out no horns. I had fished this pond many times over the years and knew there was a Cedar Swamp three hundred yards to my left. Even though they headed away from it I was going to take the chance they would turn.

I ran down thru the hardwoods as fast as I could in the fresh snow. When I reached the spot where I could see the end of the swamp, I sat under a tree to catch my breath. The plan had worked as they were now coming down thru the hardwoods towards the swamp. I wished they had given me a few more minutes to recover as I was still breathing hard. I rested the Dakota on my knee and when the buck reached a clear spot between the trees I fired.

I will be the first to admit how lucky I was that day, as they could have gone in any direction. It sure does pay to know the area you are hunting. After catching my breath I headed down to look over my buck. I said a short prayer of thanks for my success, as it was a nice 8-point Adirondack Buck. While dressing out the buck I heard a shot, far off in the distance. I thought how lucky it would be if that was Mike. We had both scored on the same day a few years before. It must have taken me about an hour to reach the truck.

The drag was not that bad in the new snow. As I arrived at the truck two hunters pulled up alongside me and asked if they could help. They helped load the buck and I was off in Mike’s direction. The other two fellows followed behind me when I told them of hearing the shot in Mike’s direction. When we pulled onto Lost Pond road Mike was walking towards us with a big smile on his face. Yes, we had done it again, two bucks on the same day. We were like two kids giving each other high fives in the middle of the road.

We made some new friends that day as the hunters I had met hiked in over a mile to help bring out Mike’s 9-pointer. We invited them to dinner in town that night, and they accepted. Nothing to compares with whitetail hunting in the big woods.


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Nice bucks, great story.

Nice bucks, great story.

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thanks for sharing.

thanks for sharing.