Saskatchewan Moose Hunt

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It was the first time that moose season had ever been opened before in that area of Saskatchewan. The moose I shot lived on our land for 3 months of the year. My dad has 4 sets of sheds off of him as well. The second day of the season we found him in a willow slough with some cows. I was able to get a clean shot on him and dropped him with just a single shot. He was limping due to the amount of bulls in the area. He was the biggest moose shot in Canada in 2006. Although he hasn't been officially scored through SCI, I have rough scored him at 208 B/C typical, which is close to the #1 spot for the Western Canadian moose species of all time. He has 16 points on one side and 14 on the other. We nicknamed him "points" because all his tines are really long unlike most moose of that size. He was roughly 12 years old.


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Awesome bull moose!!!!! Good

Awesome bull moose!!!!! Good job!!!!!

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great moose, holy cow!!!!

great moose, holy cow!!!!