Saskatchewan Bear Hunt

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Well, my 16 year old son Connor is showing me up again. This is the chocolate bear he took on 5-19-08, two hours into the first day of the hunt. The bear was just over 5 foot and the weight was 170+. Two hours after he took his bear, a large black came in and attacked his bear that was on the ground 10 yards from his stand then went on to the bait. He has photos and video of the action, but the best thing is that I took that same black bear two days later. The black was over 6 foot and the weight was 250+. The coats were perfect on both animals, since they had only been out for a few weeks. This was a great father son hunt that I will remember for a lifetime. Lucky kid!


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wow!!! great bears, thanks

wow!!! great bears, thanks for sharing, I really like the chocolate

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Great bears and a lifetime of

Great bears and a lifetime of memories!!!!!