Saskatchewan Hunting Photos & Stories

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The Red Morning Deer

It was Nov 25th,  as my brother and I grabbed my gear out of my truck with lots of excitement! It's the late season, with crusty snow on the ground, crisp, cold -10 degree air being blown in my face from the North, "perfect" I said to myself. We are about to stalk our way to a set of timber that we have planned to hunt for the past 2 months. After scouting the area once again just 3 days ago with my brother in a bitter, windy, snowing, cold, and awesome winter storm, I realized, the time is now! This section of woods is ready to be hunted.

1st, 1st and 1st Antelope

My brother and I headed west in Saskatchewan for our 2009 antelope hunt. This was our 1st archery hunt, 1st goat hunt and 1st shots at an animal with a bow all in the first day. The action was fast and furious with the rut in full swing. My brother took the first goat with a text book stalk to within 40 yards as the antelope was tending to his does and made the perfect broadside shot, within minutes he was down it was so exciting to watch the whole thing unfold I got to video most it from a distance.

The Round Bail Buck

Over the years of hunting nothing seems to surprise me any more. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all something even more bizarre happens, that’s the greatest thing about the outdoors. When real life can become stranger than fiction.

This buck was taken years back in 2005 and turned out to be very memorable. We spent a long morning of walking and it was a cold November day seeing very few animals and all the bucks were below par. Now the middle of the day we decided to drive home have some lunch, warm up and plan where the evening hunt would take us.

Saskatchewan Mule Deer

My brother and I skipped out on work early one Friday to head down south mule deer hunting before the muzzleloader season was over. We glassed a couple nice ones and a really big guy that was way out of range and we where running out of daylight, so decided to try one more spot with an hour left of light. Knowing the big boys would be on the move heading out to their feeding grounds.

My First Mule Deer

October 2007. muzzleloader season in southern Saskatchewan turned out to be a great weekend. I filled my tag  with this Mule deer taken at about 50 yards and only ½ hr of shooting time left before heading home, with a shot that left him dead in his tracks. We took a rough green score of around 165+. He is very clean with not a lot of deductions.

The Hold Tight Buck With "BALLS"

Our annual 2009 rifle Whitetail hunt turned out to be one of the toughest hunts I can remember. With the weather been so warm and the deer not moving it made for a lot of work. We started hunting on Sunday morning with opening day being on Sunday we seen more than the usual hunters out. The day started out good seeing a lot of deer at first light but after the sun broke the horizon they where all hunkered down. That evening didn't produce either as the deer movement wasn't till after dark.

13 Year Old Tags Huge Buck With Bow
Kevin Hassler
My son, James Hassler, shot this buck near our home of Kipling, Saskatchewan Canada. The buck was harvested during the archery season in mid September. He was hunting from a treestand that had been set up on land belonging to friends of our family.
Saskatchewan Black Bear Bowhunt
Andy J. Dubourt
Back in 1996, my Uncle Ron Schira, noticed that I was very interested in hunting. I was 14 soon to be 15 years old. I had hunted with rifles and shotguns since I was 12 with my dad. But never with a bow. I found it amazing that most of the trophies hanging in my uncles houses were taken at under 25 yards with a bow. I convinced my mother to buy me a bow with some money my grandmother had given us for Christmas.
First Time Deer Hunt in Saskatchewan
Shane Sydoruk
It was the morning of Nov 24, 2007. Having discussed the night before that Coralee would have first shooting rights if we saw anything we liked, we set out for what would be one exciting morning that would carry out to the day I'm writing this. As we set out in the morning there was a light fog hovering in the air. We went out to one of my favorite spots north of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan Bear Hunt
Bob Gallagher
Well, my 16 year old son Connor is showing me up again. This is the chocolate bear he took on 5-19-08, two hours into the first day of the hunt. The bear was just over 5 foot and the weight was 170+. Two hours after he took his bear, a large black came in and attacked his bear that was on the ground 10 yards from his stand then went on to the bait. He has photos and video of the action, but the best thing is that I took that same black bear two days later. The black was over 6 foot and the weight was 250+.