Salt Lake City Bucks

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I have been going west of Salt Lake City, Utah to look for these bucks and others lots of times but they're not easy to find.

But on this night I found them in a draw and I couldn't get any good pictures of them.

But I knew if I waited they would move somewhere as luck would have it they headed up the hill about 300 yards away me with the city in the background probably ten or more miles away in the background it was cool because the angle of the hill matched up with elevation of the city.

I waited about three hours to get the shot or shots 87 total.

I thought it was a cool shot and sounds like many other people liked it also.

I wasn't sure how the pictures would look but when I got home I thought they were nice shots.

The name CITY BUCKS just fits the pictures. Its nice to know that there are still big bucks out there, even in the city for everybody to enjoy.


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Very nice pic!!!!!

Very nice pic!!!!!

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wow!!! those are some pretty

wow!!! those are some pretty bucks

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Been there

I drove through there acouple years ago and seen some good ones just like that!

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The size of some of the bucks

The size of some of the bucks in that valley scare people.  But then when they don't get hunted they just grow biger  and biger

Yes they are, great pictures

Yes they are, great pictures thanks for sharing