Rusty's Texas 10 Point

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It was late in the evening, near dark, and I saw tall horns at 60 yards. I could not see points, just a tall tine when he turned his head to walk back up the hill and then he was gone. Suddenly, he popped out about 100 yards away and I thought, "Well if its a tall 4 point I have a tag", but I figured as tall as he was he would at least be a good buck no matter how many points.

He was standing on an over grown caleche road, behind a mesquite bush. I waited (for what seemed like an eternity) for him to step out. My light was almost gone and I could see about 4 inches from the beginning of his neck to the front of his shoulder, but I had a pretty good angle on him.

If I can hit him where I am aiming it will go threw his chest and out the other shoulder. I figured its now or never, so I squeezed the trigger; all I could see was orange flame and a white flash of tail.

I listened...................Nothing!
I listened...................Nothing!

After 10 seconds of straining to hear anything at all, I heard a CRASH! Branches, gravel, brush cracking and then silence.

I waited a long 10 minutes and then took my "mini mag" flashlight and headed in the bucks direction. I looked about 10 minutes and couldn't find him, and I started thinking maybe what I heard was him jumping the fence and hitting the brush on the other side.

I walked back to my truck and broke out the "Big Mag" light and returned to the scene and checked every rock, tree, brush pile, and high grass clump.

After a few minutes I nearly tripped over him! I had shot a Texas 10 ....Wooooooo Hoooooo!

Six on one side and four on the other. Now I realize one or two of the points are small, but its my buck and that makes him a 10!

I loved living it and I love telling it too.

Taken in Comal County using a Weatherby 270, federal classic 130gr, Nikon 3x9x40, 6pm, in 50 degree weather.


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Nice buck.

Nice buck.

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Very nice deer, great story

Very nice deer, great story

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Good job!

Good job some times you have to take what you can!

Rusty you get 5 stars because

Rusty you get 5 stars because you are a weatherby brother like myself. Nice buck!