Rhode Island Deer Hunt

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My father has been teaching me how to hunt since I was little. Already this season he had taken 2 bucks. The first one he took on Saturday opening day, with his muzzleloader and the second he took on Monday, with his bow. He had been teasing me all week that I was going to be eating pasta while he chomped down on tasty venison. Well that was about to change.

It was Friday afternoon, and my brother and I were home on the holiday playing Xbox. My dad had just gotten out of work at about two-thirty when he called me and said we're going out hunting. I had almost no time to get ready so I grabbed my muzzleloader, orange hat, and my license. I jumped in the car wearing my regular around the house clothes, and we were on our way. We walked quickly but quietly to our tree stands.

I sat for a while watching and waiting for the slightest movement, occasionally zoning out like every hunter does after sitting in his/her stand after about an hour. I knew it would be getting dark soon which is prime time for deer so I set all my focus on the woods. About twenty minutes before dark I turned to my right and there he was. Behind my tree walking straight towards my zone. He slowly arched around. My heart beating at what felt like a million hard beats a minute. He stepped over a rock wall, quiet as a mouse, and came out in front of me. He then stopped behind two trees and all I could see was his face and chest. A bird out in between us had started making a racket and the buck looked at the bird then through my scope we made eye contact. I knew that was my chance. I pulled the trigger and with perfect accuracy, I placed a shot straight through the heart.

I texted my dad; he was already on his way when he heard the shot. When we found the buck, neither one of us could believe the size of it. It was a 225 pound massive six pointer. It's brow tines were broken off, maybe from fighting. It also had another point broken off and a small kicker starting to grow. I had shot a monster buck for my first deer, at fifteen years old. I owe it all to my father for teaching me what I know and letting me be part of this amazing sport with him.


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Awesome Buck

I never looked at Rhode Island as a big buck state but that is a really nice buck. Congrats. on harvesting such a nice deer.

Good luck in the future!!!!

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very nice buck, good job

very nice buck, good job

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Congrats!!!!! Nice buck.

Congrats!!!!! Nice buck.