Red Hartebeest Hunt

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Graham Williams from Australia hunted with Mkhamba Safaris in South Africa in March 2002, he was fortunate to bag himself a fine Red Hartebeest using his beloved Sako 30-06. He also took a really old Mountain Reedbuck Pictured here is Graham with his Red Hartebeest.

Graham wrote to say;

"I have had the pleasure of hunting with Graeme Geldart of Mkhamba Safaris in South Africa in 2002. Having hunted in Africa twice before I did my homework with high expectations for my next hunt. This safari was the best. It was a most memorable experience and I will definetly be hunting with Mkhamba again. The game was plentiful and excellent trophy size was available."

"The highlights for me was the classic African scenery and having plenty of opportunities on game, plus not being pressured to shoot and being able to hold off for quality trophies. The most memorable being the Mountain Reedbuck which was a grand old fellow with scars from fighting over the years, and also my Red Hartebeest that was a fine specimen with amazing horns. We were pinned down from quite a distance and made a memorable stalk, everything was against us, the wind was difficult and we were on the side of a hill using whatever cover we could. The other Hartebeest were being cautious and glancing around occasionally. Graeme selected the best trophy using his knowledge of this difficult species, then I had to take the only opportunity of a 200m shot as it rested in tall grass."


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Nice looking animal!!! Great

Nice looking animal!!! Great job.

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beautiful animal thanks for

beautiful animal thanks for sharing

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would love

Would love to go there one day!

Congrats on the two trophys

Congrats on the two trophys