Red Fox Hunting Photos & Stories

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The Urban Fox

Arriving at work today I spotted the little fox running by the window of our building with a gopher in his mouth, a few minutes later I was walking between the 2 buildings and there he was sitting on the sidewalk. I walked back in and grabbed the camera from the office and went back to look for him. There he was about 20 ft from the building having breakfast, we looked at each other for a minute before he walk another 5 ft away and dug a hole and covered up his gopher and fled across the parking lot for the day.

Predator Hunting on the Manitoba Prairie
Brad Duncan
As a young lad growing up in any rural area can tell you, predators are a part of life, whether you like it or not. I was introduced to a form of predator control at an early age, my father always used to run a small trap line, nothing special, just a bunch of snares and a few foot traps set out on only the most popularly used predator trails. My old man was always on the lookout for a new spot to set up traps and was usually right on the money when he returned to see if his hunch was correct. His personal best was 8 coyotes and one red fox, which he managed to collect during a 2 - day period about 20 years ago, it seems the tradition is bred into our heritage. This is the story of how my brothers and I tied my dad's personal best.