Quebec Hunting Photos & Stories

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2000 Bear Hunt

My brothers and I had long discussed doing a bear hunt with Dad. With my return to my home state it was time for acting upon those discussions. In March of 1999 my brothers and I attended a Cleveland Sport and Outdoor show at the convention center. The time with my brothers walking around the show is a memory in itself but that story will not be told here. We stopped at many of the bear hunting booths that day and gathered a great amount of information and specific details on bear hunts – several guided western US hunts and those offered in Canada.

Cadillac Black Bear Hunt

I met Tom in the early 90’s when I lived in Maryland.  He was a transplant from the state of West Virginia and a bow hunter.  My bow hunting experience up until that point was just flinging arrows with my Bear recurve bow and not knowing what I was doing.  I never hunted with the bow, just a little target shooting.

Northern Quebec Caribou Hunt
Aaron Masse
Some friends asked me to go caribou hunting in northern Quebec. So I said ok, but I've never shot anything in my life. So I didn't know what it was going to be like. We drove 24 hours North East to northern Quebec, it was a crazy trip but when we got there it was just wild, there were Caribou everywhere.