Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Photos & Stories

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Bad Start to a Great Hunt
Lance Jackson

I had been looking for a hunt out west for a couple of years but found them all to be too exspensive. Being a collage student working summer jobs my budget was very thin. Then one day while looking at a bunch of western game and fish websites I stumbled across the wyoming leftover antelope tags. I was over joyed to see that a. they were over the counter, b. there were alot left and c. they cost $34 each! I called my friend and hunting partner Tyler about getting these tags. We waited till the day they went on sale and bought three each.

Antelope Spot & Stalk - Sam Strikes Twice

Wyoming has many great hunting opportunities for both residents and non-residents.  However, if it is a youth hunt you’re looking for then an antelope hunt is almost ideal. Wyoming has more antelope than any other Western state... by far. When hunting, it is common to spot and stalk antelope continuously the entire day. And since antelope are out in the open, there is little advantage to getting into the field too early. So sleeping until 7am and eating a good breakfast before heading out is the norm. Add all of these factors together and you have the makings for a great youth hunt!

My Hunting Heritage

I’ve lived in Colorado now since April of 2007.  When the wife and I first moved here I only had six very short months to learn the draw system, determine a place to hunt, complete my Colorado hunter education certification, and set up time off from work. It was my work that brought us here to Colorado in the first place. I was an operations manager and had outstanding experience and expertise in fixing broken management and their operations.

My first antelope buck

After living in Colorado for the last three years and with the success we had there and in Wyoming we were starting to think we had it all figured out. We were wrong of course but we were still enjoying far greater success than we ever had before back in Wisconsin. Through some co-workers that hunted a little I aquired a couple of phone numbers for some ranchers in Wyoming that we should be able to hunt on their land for antelope. Back then we didn’t plan very well and picked up the only leftover buck tags we could find. I don’t even think we had any maps if I remember correctly.

Wyoming Antelope on a One Day Hunt

Having been out of high school and away from my hometown for quite some time, I was talking with a high school buddy of mine who was fascinated with my stories of hunting in my new home in Wyoming.

Do-It-Yourself Wyoming Pronghorn

I thought I would share a quick story for the guys considering coming out west for an antelope hunt and how easy it can be. With a little research you can get tags every year and lots of them. My dad, my son and I all drew three tags each in the initial draw but due to mistake on my part we got doe tags in one unit and any antelope in another. Fortunately we can drive to our hunting area in about 5 hours. When the leftover purchase became available we bought another 3 each for a total of 4 doe tags and 2 any antelope each.

Colorado Rifle Buck Antelope Hunt 2010

For the 2010 Colorado Rifle Antelope Season, my friend and I both ended up with buck tags for the area near my father-in-laws house.  All summer, I had been keeping an eye on antelope in the area, and I knew there were a few decent-sized bucks in the area.  My friend had never hunted antelope, and this would be his first hunt in Colorado.  He grew up in Indiana hunting whitetails, so hunting the wide-open plains was going to be a new experience for him. 

New Mexico Pronghorn 84 5/8 SCI Gold
Steve Leone

I've found my most enjoyable hunts coming from animals I honestly never thought I'd want to harvest.  At the top of the list is the Pronghorn Antelope.  My ignorance was buried in the thought that "they all look the same" and seemed pretty dumb.  Driving through Prescott, Arizona or Route 60 from Show Low, Arizona to Socorro, New Mexico they just stand in the road and don't want to move.  I've landed at the Denver, Colorado airport and they are feeding within a couple hundred yards of the runway.  A buck looks like a buck and a doe is definitely a doe.

A Battle Worthy of National Geographic

The year 2010 was an interesting but productive one for my big game hunting. It was only the second time (and just so happened to be the second consecutive year) that I completed the mule deer, elk and pronghorn trifecta. My family’s pronghorn hunting group, along with some new additions, made the trip up to the antelope rich prairie lands of Wyoming this past October. And as luck would have it, we would limit out. This is the story of my quick, but exciting 2010 pronghorn hunt.

A Little Help From Above
Courtney Scott

I had a little help from above out in Wyoming this year. My dad, my best hunting partner and best friend, died out of the blue on June 4th this past summer.  It really knocked me on my knees for awhile.  We'd been going out to Wyoming the last four years chasing deer and antelope and this fall was to be our fifth year in a row.  In fact, the last time I saw him we were talking about this year’s trip and when we’d be getting our tags in the mail.