Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Photos & Stories

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Archery Hunt in August's Sweltering Heat
Steve Schulz
As the mercury steadily rose outside it was easily 10 degrees higher in the blind, I was tucked in awaiting the arrival of thirsty antelope. The hotter it got the more uncomfortable it became inside the blind which now was turning out to be a sweat box. I'm not really sure, but while inside that 70x70x90 sweat box a buddy of mine texted me telling me it was 92 degrees out. Not sure but I don't really think he was simply informing me of the fact more so than getting a little enjoyment out of the misery I'd intentionally placed myself in.
Pronghorn Hunt: Two Years in the Making
Derek Bunch
My father and I waited two years two draw a pronghorn tag in a specific unit in NW South Dakota. Our patience paid off and we were on our way. A day and a half's drive from SW Missouri and we reached Faith, South Dakota. We arrived on the 9th of Oct. and immediately set up camp and hopped on the four wheelers to get some scouting in. While we were scouting, I spotted what I thought was a white rear-end in the bottom of a valley, and sure enough it was an awesome pronghorn buck!
Utah Pronghorn Antelope Hunt
Cody Barton
This pronghorn antelope was shot on the Parker Mountain/Plateau limited entry unit in Central Utah. It is 13.5 inches tall and scored 74 B&C. It was taken after many botched spot and stalk attempts. Finally we were able to get set up in an area where they came in to us and he was taken at 100 yards with a rifle.
August Heat: Wyoming Antelope Hunt
Steve Schulz
The heat of the August sun began to turn my blind into an almost unbearable sweat box in short order with every minute. However knowing that the hotter I got the thirstier the antelope were getting, and knowing that I had capitalized on a solar well that was miles from any other water source, was somewhat refreshing, but not much.
Three Hour Archery Antelope Hunt
Steve Schulz
Another scorching hot August day found myself again in a blind attempting to ambush an antelope wandering in for a drink. There were a few differences this year from years past, that being there had been quite a few rain showers just prior to the August 15th opener, filling up all the ponds.
Wyoming Antelope Hunt
Dave Fisher
I shot this goat in North East Wyoming, October 2006. He was taken with a Remington .270, 130 gr accu tip at 237 yards.
One of a Kind Antelope
Justin Russell
I shot this antelope at about 20 yard with my bow in August of 2006. I caught him and two small bucks working there way into a millet field. Everyone I have showed this to has never seen anything like it before.
Colorado Antelope Hunt
Darren Brown
I took this antelope during the 2002 rifle season in GMU 211 which is in northwest Colorado north of Meeker. My hunting partner, Joe Gutierrez, is pictured on the left.