Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Photos & Stories

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1st Bow Kill
Marty Sup

When I originally picked up bowhunting it was all about taking an elk with a bow, but after 5 years and many close calls I have yet to seal the deal on an elk.  When the 2007 season rolled around I was just recovering from my archery related injury and had only been shooting my bow for about a month or so.  I was so looking forward to elk season, but was really excited that antelope season in Wyoming was to start first.  I was going to use this as another warm up for elk, plus I could take the time in the field to practice some more shooting.

Dad's First Pronghorn
Marty Sup

My dad is the one to blame for getting me into hunting, well blame is a harsh word but that's what my Mom always tells him. I personally thank him for getting me started in hunting as it has become a great passion for me. From waterfowl to big game, I hunt it all and I thank him for introducing me to the outdoors. Although we hunt elk and deer every year it has been 20+ years since my Dad has harvested an animal. We have always thought that hunting was more about time together in the field than the kill itself, so with that alot times he walks around without even loading his gun.

My First Pronghorn

2009 brought my first opportunity to chase pronghorn; the wary king of the prairie. I was happy to find out that my Grandpa would be accompanying us on the hunt. We got on the road after my brother and I finished classes on Friday. It took us a few hours to make our way up to Wyoming and we had camp set in time to go out on an evening hunt. My brother had won the contest to see who would get to hunt first and he ended up taking a young buck that evening.

Wife's First Antelope
Marty Sup

I took my wife (Jamie) antelope hunting for the first time in 2009.  She has been elk hunting and waterfowl hunting, but this would be her first time chasing goats.  After the 1st day and half of hunting and a couple of missed shots, one shot was a stretch and another should have been a slam dunk, but she is a trooper and I had faith in her.  After her second miss we went back to camp and I placed a milk jug at 150 yards and she smoked it and I think it renewed her confidence. 

Antelope Hunt: Wyoming Double
Marty Sup

The 2009 antelope rifle season started out with all intentions of getting my wife (Jamie) her first big game animal.  We set up on a natural water spring, that we watch all the antelope go to during archery season.  I put her in a postion to have a very resonable shot distance of probably less that 150 yards. 

Friends, Lessons and Antelope

In 1994 my  buddy, Corey, and I decided it would be fun to hunt Antelope here in Utah. We knew it was extremely hard to draw a buck tag so we put our applications in for a doe tag in an area we have never even been to. After the draw results found us successful we started to what we call "The Plan". Of course the plan was, there is no plan. We arrived at our "campsite" well after dark and pitched the tent, fixed some dinner and hit the sack super excited for our luck to have this tag.

Stamina Staggering Pope & Young Pronghorn to Remember
Bob Solimena

Jim said to me, "We ought to get an early start in the morning, that way if the antelope see the truck in the dark they won’t spook very far." Little did I know what would be in store for me the next day.

1st, 1st and 1st Antelope

My brother and I headed west in Saskatchewan for our 2009 antelope hunt. This was our 1st archery hunt, 1st goat hunt and 1st shots at an animal with a bow all in the first day. The action was fast and furious with the rut in full swing. My brother took the first goat with a text book stalk to within 40 yards as the antelope was tending to his does and made the perfect broadside shot, within minutes he was down it was so exciting to watch the whole thing unfold I got to video most it from a distance.

Wyoming Antelope Hunt
George W. Mitchell
Excitement mounted as the hunt neared. I had planned to fly into Rapid City, arriving the afternoon of the day before hunt and drive to Gillette. I felt this would give me some time to settle in. Well, so much for plans, after hours of fight delays I arrived in Rapid City at 9:30 at night only to find my hunting gear and rifle were no where to be found.
Casey's First Antelope Hunt
Paul Myers
Casey was drawn for a New Mexico antelope youth hunt on the 2C/ Ranch outside of Roswell on the weekend of 19-20 Sep. 2009. We coordinated a scouting trip with the land owner Mrs. Candy Ezzel the Wednesday prior and spotted some animals just before dark which gave us a good outlook for the weekend.