Pennsylvania Whitetail Deer & Black Bear

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My name in Jason Lyon and I reside in Montague, New Jersey. I wanted to share a couple animals that I took during the 2008 hunting season. I hunt both New Jersey and Pennsylvania but the PA season was the most successful, hope you enjoy.

The whitetail deer was a 173 lb 8 pointer I harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with archery equipment. The black bear was 150 lbs, and harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with a 12 gauge 870 Remington using 2 3/4 inch Remington Premier Copper Solid Sabot Slugs. This was the second Pennsylvania black bear I have taken in 10 years in the Commonwealth.



Those are both great looking animals. Congrats. I don't know if you use this site anymore but I have been trying to get in touch with you for a while. I know this isn't a "find a person" website but this is the only site I have come across that I can get in contact with you. My name is Angelica Lyon and I'm your cousin. We've never met or anything but I would like to get in touch with you. Your Dad is my Dad's (William Lyon) brother. He died when I was 5 in 2000, I'm not sure if you know him or met him. If you have read this comment, please email me

Angelica Lyon

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Awesome Buck and Bear

Jason, those are two very nice animals. All my friends from PA. would love to get something that nice.

Great Job!!!!!

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Good job, nice buck and black

Good job, nice buck and black bear!!!!!

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Congrats, both are great

Congrats, both are great looking animals