Pennsylvania Spring Gobbler

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This is a Tom I shot this spring Gobbler season in Pennsylvania. It was without a doubt the most difficult hunting I've ever done. I hunted hard every day trying to get lucky with this old boy and finally it happened. I really got obsessed with turkey hunting just a year ago but this is the first mature turkey I've ever gotten. I'm proud of having the grand opportunity to have had so much fun going after him. I've been rained on several times, been bitten to the bone by bugs I didn't even know existed, half frozen, frustration, exhaustion, and sheer mental fatigue. This turkey was in my head 24/7 for 24 days until I got my chance. I'm very proud of him and wanted to share this picture with anyone who knows how it is to be obsessed with turkey hunting.


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good story, great gobbler.

good story, great gobbler.

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Great gobbler!!!!! Way to

Great gobbler!!!!! Way to persevere and nail him.