Pennsylvania 14 Year Old Scores 13 Point Deer

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Anthony Byrne, 14 years old got this 13 point whitetail deer in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It had 8 points on one side and 5 on the other. He got this with a 30-30 Marlin with 1 shot.

This was Anthony's 3rd year hunting and his first deer. Our family has been hunting this ground for 23 years and we've never seen anything this big, let alone harvested one this size.


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Awesome Buck

That is one very nice buck Anthony. I have had atleast 15 hunters at my deer camp here in Kansas from PA. and none of them have ever showed me a picture like your. They have never even told a story about seeing one that big.

Congrats. on a SUPER BUCK!!!!!

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Very nice buck!!!!! Good

Very nice buck!!!!! Good story.

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Congrats Anthony thats a

Congrats Anthony thats a dandy first deer