Pennsylvania Hunting Photos & Stories

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For those of you that read my story, The Old Days, you will recall that I said the story had a later happy ending. This is the story of that happy ending. Fast forward a decade and you will find my dad still reeling from having missed so many times on our wild boar hunting trip in Tennessee.
Sometimes It's More Fun Without the Gun

Growing up in a diehard hunting family I spent my fair share of time hunting with my Dad, brothers, uncles and cousins.  I always thought it was the greatest thing in the world when I would finally get invited along with the rest of the guys on their Saturday morning hunting trips.  As I got older my train of thought started switching. I finally thought of how cool it must have been for my dad to take me on those trips as well and I couldn't wait for the day my son would be able to accompany me.

Who Needs Turkey?

When I first started hunting many years ago with my father I had one thing on my mind when I went out... come back with something. No matter what I was hunting for I measured the success of a hunt by how heavy my game pouch was or what I had at the end of the rope I was dragging behind me. As I grew older I began to realize that it wasn't what I harvested but rather just the fact that I got out at all. I would be content sitting in a tree stand watching a family of racoons walk past or a squirrel climbing up my tree.

Pennsylvania 14 Year Old Scores 13 Point Deer
Anthony Byrne
Anthony Byrne, 14 years old got this 13 point whitetail deer in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It had 8 points on one side and 5 on the other.
Pennsylvania Whitetail Deer & Black Bear
Jason Lyon
The whitetail deer was a 173 lb 8 pointer I harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with archery equipment. The black bear was 150 lbs, and harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with a 12 gauge 870 Remington using 2 3/4 inch Remington Premier Copper Solid Sabot Slugs. This was the second Pennsylvania black bear I have taken in 10 years in the Commonwealth.
Pennsylvania Fallow Buck With a Bow
Jimmy Barnes
It was on a Wednesday morning and from a treestand I had several deer come within distance, but when this deer came through I was able to take a 30 yard shot and he only went about 50 yards.
8 Point Pennsylvania Deer
Shane Hutton
This 140 class giant 8 point was harvested in Elk County of Pennsylvania by Shane Hutton, 23 of Pittsburgh, PA with a Winchester 270.
First Buck for Pennsylvania 13 Year Old
Evan W. Bowden
It was the second day of Pennsylvania deer (rifle) season. It was a little windy that afternoon, but the wind was on our side. My grandfather and I were hunting the edge of a swamp. My little brother and my dad were posted about 1,500 yards NE of us. We were hoping that they would spook something to us. I had my trusty Marlin 32 special. It has taken deer.
11 Point Buck on 11th Birthday
Kelly Grogan
Ty Grogan of Pennsylvania was archery hunting with his Dad (Jason Grogan) in Allegheny County. Ty shot the 11 point buck from 28 yards away with his bow and arrow. It was only his second day hunting and on top of that it was his 11th birthday.
Pennsylvania Spring Gobbler
Randy Wertz
This is a Tom I shot this spring Gobbler season in Pennsylvania. It was without a doubt the most difficult hunting I've ever done. I hunted hard every day trying to get lucky with this old boy and finally it happened. I really got obsessed with turkey hunting just a year ago but this is the first mature turkey I've ever gotten. I'm proud of having the grand opportunity to have had so much fun going after him.