Oregon Hunting Photos & Stories

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Oregon 5x5 Blacktail Deer
Todd O. Belmont
I had been waiting for this weather change since opening day. There are two holes that I can't effectively still hunt unless it's extremely windy or raining (hard). The morning started out nice; raining with a light wind coming in from the north. I had positioned myself deep in the bedding area about an hour before light in hopes of catching a buck slipping in after day break.
2 Great Oregon Blacktails
Nick Marlow
For five years, I have hunted a small nursery close to my house outside the Portland city limits. In those five years, I have harvested two nice bucks.
Oregon Four Point Blacktail
Wayland Sherman
It was getting close to the end of the hunting season. I had passed on several large forks during the season which is different for me. I have always been a meat hunter, not an antler hunter. With two days left to hunt, I decided that a a fork was better than nothing at all. I was hunting these benches when I saw a fork down below me.
Oregon Blacktail Buck Hunt
Victor Rodriguez
We were walking back to the vehicles after a rainy day of hunting on the Oregon coast. It was around noon and we were exausted. My cousin Freddy and I went to take one last look at a nice area. Suddenly I saw the big blacktail buck running fast about 250 feet in the distance. I shot him with my 30-30 rifle.
Oregon Bighorn Sheep Hunt
Jerry Holloway
When I checked online to see what tags I had, or hadn't, drawn for this year, I was shocked to see a picture of a Bighorn Sheep, along with an Elk, meaning that I was successful for both!
Oregon Successful Bull Elk Hunt
Mark Sweeney
Last fall I got my first bull elk. I was hunting in Oregon in a general hunt area. I had scouted where I wanted to be opening morning. With snow on the ground I feel they can hear you stepping through it, so I didn't go too far. And no tracks were seen. It melted and two days later and went back to my spot.
An Amazing Oregon Elk Season
Heather Moore
Elk season 2007 was a great year for my party. I had been looking forward to it for many months. We only draw this tag in Oregon every 4-5 years, so when we found out the results of our draw, I was ecstatic to say the least. So, I began getting ready after archery season was done. I was feeling pretty lucky, since I was the only woman in our group to get a mule deer during archery season. Not even my husband got one, so I knew the pressure was on during rifle elk season.