Oregon Successful Bull Elk Hunt

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Last fall I got my first bull elk. I was hunting in Oregon in a general hunt area. I had scouted where I wanted to be opening morning. With snow on the ground I feel they can hear you stepping through it, so I didn't go too far. And no tracks were seen.

It melted and two days later and went back to my spot. With felts on my feet I snuck into a small herd feeding. They never heard or knew I was around. Then I shot this 6x6 through a slick leaf I was behind. He never knew what hit him. He scored 273 and is being mounted. I cannot wait to see it.


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very nice oregon bull, I'm

very nice oregon bull, I'm going to assume it was on the coast?

my elk

thanks for the good word, I got him in the high cascade general hunt in the upper desutes unit. it scored 273 and the man that counted it.   said it could be in the record books if I wanted it recorded in the book. wow I was happy, untill I called the recorder of the records... it was scored as a cascade roosevelt and I got him just east of the pacific crest trail. makeing it a rocky mt elk.. bummer hu.  roosevelt elk run from the coast to I.5  then there labled cascade roosevelt from I-5 too the the P.C.T.  anything east is a rocky mt elk   books for roosevelts  start at 260  for both type, then 300 min for rockys.   I was just a couple miles east.  to miss.  but Im proud of the one I got and mount looks great, my friend lives near lapine and says its the biggest hes ever see in the area and hes seen alot of elk. so I am happy   thanks for the good words.  

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Very nice bull!!!!!

Very nice bull!!!!!


thank you friend,  I was happy