Oregon Four Point Blacktail

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It was getting close to the end of the hunting season. I had passed on several large forks during the season which is different for me. I have always been a meat hunter, not an antler hunter. With two days left to hunt, I decided that a a fork was better than nothing at all. I was hunting these benches when I saw a fork down below me. Without hesitation I pulled up on him. I took the shot and missed completely. He went ten to fifteen yards and stopped and looked at me.

As I pulled up on him again, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. This four point and a doe were running away from me. He stopped with his rear end towards me. I looked back at the fork. He was still standing looking at me. I could see his whole body. NO BLOOD!! I looked back at the four point. Getting excited, I wanted to shoot! I waited till he turned broadside and took the shot. He dropped where he stood.

The thing that I learned from this hunt, don't get too excited when you see that first buck. Take time to look around. There just may be the biggest blacktail buck you have ever had the opportunity to shoot standing twenty yards away!!


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very very nice

very very nice blacktail!!!!!! thanks for sharing.

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Very nice!!!!!

Very nice!!!!! Congratulations on the buck.