Oregon Coast Blacktail Deer Hunt

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This is a picture of the blacktail buck I killed last year (2008) in the Alsea unit of West Oregon during the rifle season. I was hunting with my friends Joe and Donna Rounsavell on a Sunday morning and this buck jumped up from some vine maple with 2 other large bucks and at least 3 does who were all bedded in an 8 year old clear cut. I managed to pick him out in the confusion of deer running every which way and got one shot into him. Joe came over to my location and we found him still alive and bedded in some thick cover.

After putting him down we realized this was a very large bodied blacktail for the Oregon Coast range. We had to drag him down into a creek bottom and back up the other side. Joe is a good size guy and very strong and it took all we had to get him back up the other side of the drainage towards the road. Luckily another hunter and his son had hiked into the area and helped us get the buck up to the road we had walked in on. Once we got him there we loaded him onto our deer cart and headed out towards the gate we hiked in behind. We hauled him three miles back out to the truck and headed to Joe's house.

Joe has a scale and we weighed him and he came in at 212 lbs as a live weight estimate that the scale provides as a ratio after field dressing! This is a large coastal blacktail for sure. The horns were not enormous as he put his effort into putting on fat and not antlers! He has 4 points on each side with eye guards. I had a shoulder mount done and he is on our living room wall. I encourage everyone to scout a lot and leave your trucks and four wheelers behind. We hike a lot and have found that we get great exercise and see big blacktail bucks every season by getting away from all the vehicles.


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Great pic, framed, focsed, image, professional.

Looks like a great trophy to serve as a reminder for your hunt, and friends.




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Good story, nice buck!!!!!

Good story, nice buck!!!!!

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Nice oregon blacktail. good

Nice oregon blacktail. good job