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Lessons Learned

This story starts at the end of the 2010 elk hunting season. It was my first year of bow hunting. I went home empty handed but had a few chances at some bulls.  But being new to the whole archery thing I blew a chance and the wind blew a couple more. During the months prior to hunting season I became fascinated with the idea of going on a backcountry hunt. I bought Cameron Hanes’s book Backcountry Bow hunting and read it front to back 3 or 4 times. I already had the season planned out so my back country adventure would have to wait.

My "Unsuccessful" First Elk Hunt

It’s funny to talk about an “unsuccessful” hunt being one of your most memorable, but sometimes, it just happens that way.  It was back about 7 years ago, I was at a graduation party for one of my wife’s coworkers.  There I met Robert, her father, and we started talking.  He was a nice guy, lived his whole life in central Oregon.  As we talked, I quickly realized how much this guy was into hunting. Of course, I am always willing to talk hunting, so we talked on and off for the rest of the party.

My One Antlered Buck

I shot my one antler deer back in 1997. I was just 16 years old. My dad and myself with some family friends all drew some doe tags for an area outside of Roseburg Oregon. Back then you could easily draw a doe tag and the season was at the same time as the general buck season on the Westside of the state. We each went down there with 2 tags a doe tag and a buck tag. This was the 3rd year in a row that we had this set up in the same area.

Camping Builds Young Hunters

I’m a firm believer in getting the younger generation involved with the outdoors. My kids are kind of a mixed bag. My oldest really likes fishing and hiking. My daughter is more into hunting and wildlife viewing. My youngest is just like his daddy and loves everything. I recently took the family on a camping trip. Every year we go to Lake Billy Chinook in central Oregon. Over there we have a lot of Mule deer, various birds, and rattlesnakes. Every time we go I make a point to take the kids for a hike so we can view wildlife.

My First Buck
numbnutz ( Josh )

The first Buck I harvested was a little 3x3 blacktail with a broken tine. There wasn't any dramatics to the story. I was 13 and hunting with my dad. We got out of his truck to stretch our legs.

Wife's First Hunt
numbnutz ( Josh )

I talked my wife into going hunting with me last spring, She had never been before and was kind of nervous about it. I bought her a bow and we spent the summer going to the range and practicing. Finally August 27th came and we headed out of town to my spot in the starkey unit in northeast Oregon (I've been hunting there for 10 years). We got camp set up and then we set up a 3d target to shoot a little bit. Just as we thought our bows were still shooting dead on.

Bittersweet Moment
Greg Johnson

When I first got into hunting my father took me elk hunting in the Starkey unit during the early 90’s in eastern Oregon. I believe this was my second or third trip elk hunting when my dad, his long time hunting buddy Dave, and myself were up at our favorite spot we call the ‘’monuments’’. We hunt this particular spot every year with great success and this was the spot where I killed my first spike the first year I hunted elk. I have been hooked on hunting elk ever since that very first trip.

Big Oregon Roosevelt Elk
Jeff Hoggard
It was 4:45 am on the Oregon coast this last November, and we are all getting ready to head out and position ourselves in spots that we think may put us in the best position to track down the herd of elk that came out of our fields the night before. We'd seen a group of about 30 head breaking into smaller groups and heading out of the fields and into the woods no less then 5 minutes before we were ready to leave.
Oregon Coast Blacktail Deer Hunt
Lance Gray
This is a picture of the blacktail buck I killed last year (2008) in the Alsea unit of West Oregon during the rifle season. I was hunting with my friends on a Sunday morning and this buck jumped up from some vine maple with 2 other large bucks and at least 3 does who were all bedded in an 8 year old clear cut. I managed to pick him out in the confusion of deer running every which way and got one shot into him.
7x7 Cascade Roosevelt Elk
Chad Puckett
This is my 7x7 Cascade Roosevelt Elk kill during bow season in the Santiam unit in Oregon. The date of the kill was 09/20/2008. Scoring was 306 7/8 and will go into the record books for Pope and Young.