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Big Canadian Whitetail
Buck Down

It was my last night of muzzleloader hunting. It was getting late, and the night was becoming dark quickly. I was feeling as if I would not be filling my tag for the second year. Although my hope was fading, I was still optimistic.

2010 Northern Ontario Archery Cow Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith

I have been hunting Moose since 1994 and moose hunting has truly become a lifetime obsession with me, and I have been fortunate to harvest well over 20 moose since I started.

Northern Ontario Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith
This is a pic of my 2009 archery moose hunt up in Northern Ontario Canada, this is my third year archery hunting and I am 3 for 3 - 2007 cow moose, 2008 cow moose and I had another cow tag this year but took a nice chunky bull calf in 2009.
The Great Caribou Hunt of '08
Benton F. Iles
So, I'm all packed, gun and bow in tow, and I met Matt and Davin in Ontario. (Each time I hunt with them, I get further in debt.) We were on our last leg to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The next morning we are up early and met by none other than John Andre himself; Owner/operator of Courageous Lake Outfitters. John ensured we got our hunting licenses and all of our gear on a float plane bound for 150 miles north of Yellowknife.
Ontario Turkey Hunting Success
Aaron Masse
I'm a new Hunter at 44 years and this was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I went out Turkey hunting and I was out about three times, outside a little town in midwestern Ontario Canada. I went and put a decoy about 20 yards in front of me and sat beside a small tree the sun was just coming up, and I sat for about 30 minutes, never heard or seen anything so I got up and moved my decoy walked up and down the field, went and sat back down again, called a couple time and nothing.
Ontario Archery Cow Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith
This moose was taken in Northern Ontario at 60 yards with a 2006 Martin Sabre set at 68 lbs, Beeman carbon arrows with 2 inch rage mechanical broadhead.
Evolution of a Turkey Hunter
Ian McCleary
Canada is not known for Her turkey hunting - but She's getting there! Turkey's were pretty much extinct here 20 years ago but thanks to the efforts of the NWTF and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, turkey's have been reintroduced and are now flourishing. Turkey hunting is difficult and demanding at the best of times - more so I think when you're starting from scratch. Those of you whose grandfathers and fathers taught you how to call, how to place decoys, when to move, when to stay put, when to call and when to shut up have an enormous advantage over those of us who are new to the game. It's like trying to read War and Peace before learning See Spot Run!