Oklahoma Deer Hunt Success

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I was on a 4 day deer hunt near Holdenville Oklahoma about 90 miles south of Oklahoma City (private land). I saw several deer on that hunt but it was on my 3rd afternoon when I saw this nice 8 pointer trailing a doe, and as I turned around retrieving my rifle for a shot, the buck went in behind some small trees and then straight out of my sight. Although the exciting moment faded fast I felt sure that deer would be in that same general area the next day so I went back the following morning prior to daybreak.

After a couple of hours of nothing moving the time was 7:30 am and I decided to make a little noise. First I used a doe in heat call thinking that this might get a buck on his feet. After about 10 minutes I followed up with a Buck Growl. After I sounded the Growl for the third time I saw a buck come over a rise on a dead run, and just when I thought he was going to pass in front of me I growled toward him again, and this turned him in my direction. As he came running in he angled to my right and came to a stop near 15 yards away. The buck came in toward me with his ears forward and the hair standing up on his back, I could tell he was looking for a fight.

Now the only problem was I am right handed and had to shoot him left handed. (That was not easy.) Well as you can tell I was able to take the shot, and placed in the right location he turned and ran straight out of my sight, but I heard him when he crashed and fell. I knew I had my buck!! He only went about 40 yards.

I was a happy hunter!

To those who don't think the (MAD) Buck Growl works I assure you it worked great for me. And also the strength and quietness of the Summit Viper SS is the best equipment any hunter needs for a successful hunt.


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Great job!!!!! Nice buck.

Great job!!!!! Nice buck.