Ohio Hunting Photos & Stories

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Ohio Piebald Deer
Bryant Hatem
I hunt in Franklin County Ohio, and I took my piebald deer on Novemember 7th, 2009.
The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Lance Stephens
For big bow hunters all around, the beginning of the season is a time we anticipate with great enthusiasm. Everyone has their bows tuned in, tree stands set, and you just can't wait to try out that new decoy. But, is every bow hunter really prepared to see more big bucks in that first evening than they ever had before? Well, I wasn't.
Bowfishing Ohio's Muddy Waters
Pete Muennich
Two teenagers equipped with bows and arrows standing up in a canoe, probably isn't the safest way to float down a river. Yet, this is how we spend most every summer day that provided little cloud cover as well as no recent rain fall. Both of these conditions are critical for a successful day of bowfishing.
17 Year Old's First Deer in Ohio
Rusty Pope
This is my 17 year old stepdaughter Marcia's 1st deer. She killed her with a PSE crossbow at 15 yards in Ohio late October 2008 and it weighed in at 125 dressed. Later on a youth gun hunt, she took her 1st buck, a nice 7 point weighing about 125 also.
My No School Today Buck
Brian Roberts
My name is Brian Roberts, this is a story about a great evening hunt with my dad. My dad has taken me hunting since I was 4 yrs old. We had an old wool army blanket that mom sewed into a bag that I would get down in and help keep me warm while up in the treestands.