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Deer Hunting Success

It was December 1st, 1988. Deer gun season had arrived. I was looking forward to the season with anticipation. This would be my 10th year of hunting and I had not shot a deer yet. I have shot at a few here and there but in some years I didn't even see any. This year was going to be different I just had that feeling.

Ohio Double Beam Buck
Deer Slayer

It was a cool November 12th morning. As I sat in the stand and waited for the sun to come up, I could hear movement all around me. My dad was hunting up on this ridge not too far away, so I could hear him rattling right at first light. We make a plan when we're hunting in stands that are kind of close of how we're going to call. He rattled first, and then about 10-15 minutes later I'll do a calling sequence.

First Buck - Finally!

It was 1996 and my 18th year of hunting. I turned 30 that year and I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to shoot a buck. Up to this point I was strictly a gun hunter and had only taken a handful of does. That year I did pick up the bow and began to venture into the world of bowhunting.

My First Buck!
Deer Slayer

It was the afternoon of November 6th, 2002. My dad picked me up from school, and we rushed home to get ready to go out to the woods for an evening rut hunt. After we got ready, we drove to our spot, sprayed down and began walking towards our spots. It was only my second year of deer hunting, so I still hunted on the ground, so I had my groundblind and my dad wasn't too far away in his treestand.

Maine Soldier's Dreams Come True in Ohio
Ohio Bowhunter

An American soldier from Maine catches his dream in Ohio after returning home from two tours in Iraq, after many stop loss orders later.

Mikey is Something Special
Ohio Bowhunter

This is an incredible story that began back in 2005 and I want to share it with all.

The story is about a kid nicknamed Mikey who touched my life in a profound way like no other.

One Crazy Day of Doe Hunting!

It was early October, 2005, and it was 88 degrees. I said to my son let's see if we can take out a couple of does this evening. We got out to our stands and amazingly we spooked several deer around 3 o'clock. Right around 3:30 I heard my son shoot his bow and he yelled over and said he has one down. So, I went over to him. We tracked her and she was only about 60 yards away.

Ohio Deer: My Son's Biggest Buck

It was the morning of November 6th, 2004. I had to work the night before but I knew the morning would be good. I had my son stay out at his grandma's and told him he needed to be in our favorite stand before it got light and I would meet him out there after work.

November 4th Was a Good One

November 4th of 07' was a good morning for deer hunting. My son and I decided to go to 2 of our favorite stands. I got up into my stand about a 1/2 hour before shooting light. A few minutes after I got settled into my stand I already began to hear deer moving. Although I couldn't see them they were moving pretty good.

My 09' Ohio Buck

I work midnights and it was going to be one of the first colder mornings of the year. I was hoping to get off work early. It was October 20th and there were several scrapes in this one particular area I hunt in. I didn't get off as early as I planned but I did manage to get off in just enough time to hurry home and get out to the stand.