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Gone Deer Huntin! I Mean Squirrel!

It was setting up to be a great evening hunt in early October of 1997. This was only my second year of bow hunting so my anticipation was at an all time high each and every time I went out in hopes I would be getting that first kill with my bow. It was in the lower 40's, partly cloudy skies, and no wind. I arrived at my stand about 3pm and it looked like it was shaping up to be a good hunt.

My Son's 2010 10 Point

2010 was my son, Mitchell's 10th year of deer hunting. He has now shot 5 bucks, all with his bow and 8 doe. One of the doe was with a shotgun and the other 7 was with his bow. I would say 13 deer over a 10 year period isn't too bad since he started as a 13 year old. He took his first deer with his bow his first year. It was a doe. His second year he took a buck with his bow and a doe with his shotgun. That would be the last year we did any gun hunting. In 2004 he shot his biggest buck which was a nice 10 pointer.

My 2010 Buck

It was a nice chilly frosty morning and the date was November 3rd. My son had shot his buck November 1st and I was headed out to try and get mine. I was going to our favorite stand which is where my son shot his buck also. We have a few different names for this stand. They are "The Stand", "The Hole", and "The Apple Orchard". This stand has produced many does and several bucks on a yearly basis since 1999. It is our best stand bar none.

My Makeup Buck

It was November 1st, of 2003. My son and I were hunting out of what we called the big stand. It was a homemade stand with about a 5 foot platform with a soft swivel seat right in the middle of the platform. The morning was cool and damp. I had my bow and my son had our video camera. We had seen several deer but nothing close enough to shoot.

50th Birthday Buck
Frank Roberts

It’s Nov.10, still dark and about 30 degrees. This was only the third morning that I have been in the tree stand this year and bow season has been in for five weeks. I’m thinking how fast time gets away from us these days. I turned 50 last week which is only by God’s grace and mercy. I and most folks that are close to our family once thought me reaching 45 would be a long shot due to an extended illness.

Early Season Success and Mixed Feelings

It was October 6th, 2010. I had decided to go out for an evening hunt. It had been raining for quite a while and we finally got a break in the rain so I figured it would be a pretty good evening. Up to this point in the young season it was fairly uneventful as far as the hunting goes. 

Saved By the Buck

The morning of November 10, 2006 would prove to be a good one. I was going to hunt out of my favorite stand. Over the past 10 years between my son and I we had taken 9 bucks out of this stand and multiple does. It was about 25 degrees with a heavy frost on the ground. It was an absolutely still morning with no wind what so ever and it seemed like I could hear every little noise from miles off. I made it to my stand while it was still dark. Just after I settled in the stand I began to hear movement from what seemed like every direction.

First Bowhunting Success

My second year of bow hunting had arrived. It was October of 1997. I decided to go out for an evening hunt with my bow. I arrived at my treestand around 4pm. I was hunting up on top of a hill in a small apple orchard. This apple orchard is surrounded by hardwoods, mainly oaks, and a small country cemetary.

My First Bow Buck

I was starting my second year of bow hunting. It was about 2 weeks into the bow season and I already shot my first deer with my bow on opening day. It was a pretty nice doe. It was now October 19th, 1997, and I was going to hunt down by an area I call the soy bean patch. I have a stand in a corner of a bean field. A river is just to my left, a huge soybean field is out in front of me, and there is a little bit of woods and a hay field behind me.

Father and Son's First Turkey Hunt

My son and I wanted to give turkey hunting a try. It was the spring of 2004. I had never been turkey hunting but I did shoot a hen once when I was deer hunting. We bought a few videos and read some magazines to get a few tips for the upcoming youth season. We also took in the annual Deer and Turkey Expo and attended several different turkey hunting seminars. Where we hunt our deer we had seen a large number of turkeys in the fall and seen some very nice gobblers. I bought a box call and practiced with it a little.