Ohio Piebald Deer

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I hunt in Franklin County Ohio, and I took my piebald deer on Novemember 7th, 2009.

I was sitting in my tree stand and I heard some crunching behind me so I sat waiting and then she popped out from behind a tree and I could not believe my eyes. I thought to myself... self, it is not snowing... and I blinked a few times and kept looking at her becuse I could not believe my eyes, finally it sunk in and I was like this is a piebald deer!

I sat quietly waiting for her to come around and I could not believe it, she did. I had a perfect shot and I took it and she only ran a few yards. It is the most awesome hunt I have ever had. Never in my life did I think I would see a piebald in real life, I have seen them on TV and online. This is awesome!!


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A trophy for sure, Great jod.

A trophy for sure, Great jod.

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I want one

Awesome deer, I would love to take a piebald deer someday

Job well done!

Job well done!

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Very nice!!!!! Nice

Very nice!!!!! Nice trophy!!!!!