Off Season Hunting Photos & Stories

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The Old Log Cabin

On the 15th of June, 2011, my friend Matt and I drove over the Cascade Mountains to do a little scouting for this year’s deer season.  It was our intent to do some trout fishing as well as go on a long hike into our hunting area to check for deer and make plans for the upcoming season.  We were going to stay in an old cabin for two nights...

John Fredrick Timms was born on March 4th, 1849 in Hanover, Germany.  He was one of 6 children.  At 17, he and his brother William moved to America to avoid going into the German Army which was mandatory of every young man.

One Free Weekend

This May, I was presented with an unusual opportunity. At least, unusual for me. My wife's sister was getting married, and my wife was headed home for the week and she was taking our son! It was going to be like being a bachelor again.

Let’s All Pretend to Hunt
Doug Humphreys

I drew my bow; both eyes focused on the center of the deer’s chest, and let the arrow fly.  The dreaded clanging sound of an arrow bouncing through limbs followed.  I looked at the next shooter and said, “You’re up.  Hope your shot is less expensive than mine.”

A Waterfowl Hunter is Born

I am a big game hunter. That is where my deepest passion is. For a long time I didn't have a desire to hunt anything but large ungulates. Buddies and family members would poke and prod at me trying expose a reason why I didn't want to hunt waterfowl. I didn't really have a reason though. I just wasn't drawn to it I guess. Now, one of my biggest regrets is not getting into it sooner. I have to thank both my brother-in-laws for finally convincing me to give it a whirl. I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Camping Builds Young Hunters

I’m a firm believer in getting the younger generation involved with the outdoors. My kids are kind of a mixed bag. My oldest really likes fishing and hiking. My daughter is more into hunting and wildlife viewing. My youngest is just like his daddy and loves everything. I recently took the family on a camping trip. Every year we go to Lake Billy Chinook in central Oregon. Over there we have a lot of Mule deer, various birds, and rattlesnakes. Every time we go I make a point to take the kids for a hike so we can view wildlife.

Bear Baiting Self Taught 101

After seven years of applying for a black bear tag in the state of Wisconsin I finally was chosen for a kill tag.  I have no idea what I'm getting into other than I am going to attempt to get myself a black bear.  I found a friend that had a two foot chunk of a tree stump that was hollowed out all the way thru the center. I proceeded to find a spot on this Private 40 acre parcel of swamp land that I earlier received permission to hunt.

Mississippi Bowfishing Trip

I decided one day to look for a guide to go Bowfishing in Northern Mississippi.  I found an outfitter.  I checked the prices out and decide to get a group together to try them out. 

The Coyote Hunting Addiction
Alex Prock
It could be the plumes of dust kicked up by the combines, the abrupt change in the dominate colors of the landscape, or the appearance of thousands of geese making their yearly migratory journey; whatever triggers it, fall is here! As my mother puts it, "I have been dealing with your father's neck swelling this time of year, for 26 years; and now I have to deal with both of you going into rut!"
Bowfishing Ohio's Muddy Waters
Pete Muennich
Two teenagers equipped with bows and arrows standing up in a canoe, probably isn't the safest way to float down a river. Yet, this is how we spend most every summer day that provided little cloud cover as well as no recent rain fall. Both of these conditions are critical for a successful day of bowfishing.
Minnesota Twin Albino Deer
Tim Roeschlein
These twin albino deer have been coming to my backyard feeder since they were fawns in 2006. They turned 2 years old this spring and still come to my feeder every day! I'm an avid deer hunter and harvesting albino deer in Minnesota is legal.