Northwest Territories Hunting Photos & Stories

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Alaska-Yukon Moose Hunt in the Northwest Territories

What you are about to read is 100% true!!!  Sit back, open a can of soda or pour some coffee because this was truly the hunt of a lifetime.

At the conclusion of a week long Kodiak Island Fishing and Sitka Blacktail Hunt in September, my plans were to head to the Northwest Territories to Hunt with David and Dallas Dutchik of Redstone Trophy Hunts for Alaska-Yukon Moose, possibly a book Mountain Caribou and a nice Dall Sheep if the opportunity presented itself.

The Great Caribou Hunt of '08
Benton F. Iles
So, I'm all packed, gun and bow in tow, and I met Matt and Davin in Ontario. (Each time I hunt with them, I get further in debt.) We were on our last leg to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The next morning we are up early and met by none other than John Andre himself; Owner/operator of Courageous Lake Outfitters. John ensured we got our hunting licenses and all of our gear on a float plane bound for 150 miles north of Yellowknife.
First Dall Hunt
James Mellody III
Here I am in the summer of 2002, on my first dall sheep hunt. I hunted in the Northwest Territory of Canada. I shot this ram at about 250 yards with my fathers 7mm ultra mag. Thanks to the support of my father, McKenzie Mountain Outfitters, and my guide, Billy-Jack. We measured the ram at 38'' curl by 37.5'' curl, possibly 8 or 9 years old. I am looking forward to my second sheep hunt this summer. I will be going for a stone sheep and my father will be going for a mountain goat.
2003 Northwest Territories Caribou Hunt
Jason Dyck
In early 2003, my wife and I visited a Northwest Territories camp we use for our customers (I operate Worldwide Game and Fish Adventures). I took this bull on the third day of the hunt. It was a great hunt.
Canadian Caribou and Moose Hunt
Jason Dyck
This photo is of my 2001 Barren ground caribou (which scored 377 Boone and Crocket) hunt in the North West Territories. I have also included a photo of a bull that I took last fall in Alberta.