Northern Quebec Caribou Hunt

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My name is Aaron, some friends asked me to go caribou hunting in northern Quebec. So I said ok, but I've never shot anything in my life. So I didn't know what it was going to be like. We drove 24 hours North East to northern Quebec, it was a crazy trip but when we got there it was just wild, there were Caribou everywhere. It was like grocery shopping and I learned alot on this trip. It was so awesome.


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Thats cool!!  i so want to do

Thats cool!!  i so want to do that in the future.  What time of year did you go and what was the cost of the trip. 

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Thats one of the hunts I want

Thats one of the hunts I want to go on, wish I knew more about it, I'd drive there if I can find a couple fellow hunters to go with, Would make a GREAT trip aye?

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happy ending of meat in the freezer


Thanks for sharing your hunt and your photographs with us Aaron.  This sounds like a fantastic hunt with the happy ending of meat in the freezer.  Congratulations on having a safe and successful first hunt.  Thanks for sharing the pictures.  I admit that it is making me want to look into taking a Quebec caribou hunting trip!  I have never YET been caribou hunting but it is on my list of things that I’d like to accomplish in the near future for sure. 


I’m going to start looking at moose hunting options in the eastern Canadian provinces over the next few years.  As long as I’m looking, I’ll be checking out the black bear and caribou hunting options too. 




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You sound like you had a

You sound like you had a great time with good friends and seen alot of great scenery and made memories. Can you ask for more? Congrats!!

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Good job, nice first kill.

Good job, nice first kill.

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One day

Man I want to do that one day!