Nick's First Kill

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Nick and I began hunting when Nick was seven years old,(Nick, unarmed of course). He would walk with me through thick and thin and not complain unless I got a little too far away. My other son Matt is not as interested in hunting but more interested in fishing. Just fine with me.

Anyway when Nick became ten years old I bought him a twelve gauge single shot. At first he was hesitant until he saw a squirrel try and get away, shot, and missed. After that his awareness of the Mule Kick from this particular gun I bought him became less. The 2008/09 season will hopefully bring some deer, and Javelina hunting, finances permitting. This along with a variety of other small game and waterfowl adventures we will surely take part in. I am VERY Proud of Nick and his James Coburn like toughness. Matt secures a similar toughness but chooses not to demonstrate it in hunting rather in football and fishing.

This year Nick and I attended and completed the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Hunter's Safety Education Course which included a very interesting Field day. We both learn a tremendous amount regarding Wildlife, Wildlife Management, Habitat, and Hunter's safety to name just a few categories Game and Fish covered, Kudos to the Staff. Nick and Matt have always been good in the field but the more we learn the more we prosper in life.

Nick's first kill, taken in air, not from the ground.

Thank God for Hip Replacement Surgery or I would not be doing any of this.

When it is said that the time spent with your Sons is invaluable there can be no price set on the statement alone.


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Great Story

I always love seeing kids in camo and holding a trophy.

Start them out small and they will grow up to be big hunters.

Happy Hunting.

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thats just awesome, so many

thats just awesome, so many memories, thanks for sharing

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Having your children in the

Having your children in the great outdoors is hard to beat.