Nice Buck - Long Drag!

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7:35 am opening morning in Tuscarawas County Zoar, Ohio, I was setting in my tree stand enjoying Mother Nature as she was waking up. All of a sudden I heard what I thought was a grey squirrel that I had seen rooting around a few minutes before. I slowly turned my head to the left to see this nice 8 pointer headed towards me. I had seen 6 young bucks while scouting earlier in summer but never saw this buck.

He was coming down one of four trails that I had marked with red tape earlier in the summer while scouting and setting up stands. He walked out of the trail right under the tape marker 15 yards from my stand and turned broad side! I drew back and placed a perfect double lung shot and he bolted and made tracks for 60 yards then dropped.

Now at 46 years of age and 30 years of hunting the HEART POUNDING gets no less intense. Man what a rush to take an animal with nothing more than your bow and your skills!

Now for the funny part... I left home thinking "Oh it's just opening morning, the odds are I'll pass on the bucks I had seen scouting in summer and wait until later in season to rattle or call in a nice buck". Soooo I left the four wheeler at home. Now its a good 1/2 mile from the farm house to stand. I felt every yard of the drag back to truck and for a few days to come. But it was worth every yard. :-)

The buck weighed in at 279 pounds and the rack was scored at 128 1/4 with 2 inches in deductions. My bow is a 1979 Jennings compound with 60lb pull. 2117 gamegetters arrows and 125 grain broadheads. This combo shoots 156ft per second, way slow compared to today's bows.

May you always shoot straight.


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Very nice buck there. You

Very nice buck there. You hunt in my neck of the woods, Tuscarawas county.

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nice buck, good job

nice buck, good job

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Archery buck

Good shootin!