New York 10 Point Buck

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On the first day of hunting season this year, Nov. 15th 2008 in Franklin, New York, I was in my stand at around 5:30 am. It was around noon that I shot this 10 point buck, not realizing its size at first. My first impression was that it was a 6 pointer. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was a 10 pointer! The buck gave me a run for my money, after three direct shots it got away. It stumbled for about 3 miles until it finally collapsed. I thought it was a gonner but with the help of my friends we caught up to it.


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The dedication sure paid off!

George – congratulations on a very impressive New York white tail!  

 That is a good looking buck and you deserve kudos for not giving up on him. 


 Everyone who hunts eventually misplaces a shot.  Ideally the animal goes down for the count quickly and stays down, but the reality is that it isn’t always the case.  A lot of hunters would have given up long before tracking him for three miles.  You stuck with it and now you have the trophy that shows that your hard work paid off. 


Good job!


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great looking buck, thanks

great looking buck, thanks for sharing

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Nice buck!!!!! Way to stay on

Nice buck!!!!! Way to stay on the track and nice recovery.

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Great deer. Congrats on your

Great deer. Congrats on your success!