New Mexico Elk Hunt

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We hunted elk in New Mexico and ended up taking this bull at approximately 7:00am on September 18th, 2001. We had hunted two full days and had the pleasure of hearing a couple dozen bull. There was lots of action, but getting close seemed to be the biggest challenge.

On the morning of the second day, we had a storm go through that left us bundled up underneath an alligator cedar. Following the rain, off in the distance, a bull bugled. I could have sworn it was either another hunter or a rag horn bull. It took us about 20-25 minutes to realize it was not a rag horn, but a nice 340+ bachelor bull. The hunter took his position and I set up about 60 yards back. The terrain was open with some large pine trees as cover.

I began to bugle and cow call as the bull approached. I could not see the bull, but the hunter went to full draw. He had his sights on his target, but as always, the bull failed to take that final step forward to have a clear vital shot. Unfortunately, as things often go, the wind was not in our favor. The bull smelled us and ran for cover. Fortunately, the next morning we were able to take this beautiful 6X6 310" mature bull. Not the one we would have liked, but definitely a trophy of a life time.

Pat Took this bull at 22 yards with his compound bow

Another bull was taken during the muzzleloader season in New Mexico by Jamie. Decent size 5x6 mature bull.


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Very nice bulls.

Very nice bulls.

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great looking elk, thanks for

great looking elk, thanks for sharing