New Mexico Bull Elk Bowhunt

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Hello my name is Ryan Cordova and I’m 17 year older from New Mexico! I’m a life long hunter and I LOVE to hunt with the bow!!!

It was back in 2002 when I first started to chase the HUGE bull elk with my bow! Knowing I had a tag in my name got my blood pumping! Because I was all ways behind my dad as the bulls were screaming, fighting, and all the good stuff but I never had a tag for the bow I have killed some good bulls with the rifle but hunting with the bow is just a way bigger rush I could tell by hear my dad and his friends talk about it and me been there with my dad!

So it was 2002 and I had the first hunt. We were there one day before opening season to find where they were hanging out and where the action would start in the morning. The night was quiet with no bugling but I knew the bulls were around some where it was just still a little early in the year for the rut! The first weekend went by and nothing but when I went back for the 2nd round the first night I knew this weekend was gonna be better I cased bulls all weekend got 2 GOOD shots at one bull that was in the upper 350 and another that was about a 330 class bulls it was a great year but just didn’t fill a tag!

2003 came a long and I was lucky again to draw a New Mexico bull tag! During the summer I practice more and went to some 3D shoots! I didn’t want them to get away this year!! Well there we were lying there the night before the hunt not able to sleep ready to start walking and getting it on like donkey Kong with the bulls! That first weekend was like the first weekend of 2002 not much bugling but we still got in the middle of some herds. The week went by SLOW at school I could think all I was thinking of is how I’m gonna stick a bull! Well finally Friday came and it was off to the Bad Lands again! When we were driving in to our hunting spot we didn’t have the best of luck our string box on the truck broke so we were stuck in a spot pretty close but not exactly where we wanted to be but…… we didn’t hear nothing that night but morning had a change to it we started walking and walk for about 500 yards and started glassing and spotted this nice bull on a high ridge so we decide we would try to get a better look at him but what we didn’t know is on the back side of that hill was like a jungle and strait up and down but that didn’t stop us we just put one foot in front of the other and about mid way up we look to the north and see a really nice bull bugle on a hill by him self me and my dad knew that was a big bull so we were trying to make a plan on how to get on him we forgot we were trying to see this other bull! But when we got to the top we herd the bull we first seen and he wasn’t that far so we started tip toeing and listening to where this bull was then about 20 mins passed and we didn’t hear nothing so we just started walking around trying the find the second bull we seen we walked about 50-60 yards and my dad hells there a big bull right there shot him so I took a step back and seen a bull standing there my dad tells me 39 yards so I draw back put my 40 yard pin right behind the shoulder and touched off and….. before I knew it trees were cracking elk were running and I looked at my dad and said "I HIT HIM" him saying "really I thought I herd your arrow smacking trees and everything" then I got quiet and thought well that does sound like me!!! So I just waited there and looked at my dad and said I was pretty sure I saw that arrow hit right behind the shoulder and I don’t know if I was just hoping that’s what happen so we waited for about 3 mins and then we said lets go find the arrow and see so I walked to where the bull was standing and didn’t find nothing so I walked to where he ran and there it was the orange and blue feathers I walked up slow hope/wishing there would be red stuff on it I bent down slowly and looked and I got a smile from ear to ear and told my dad I told you so he said “ well you little shit you did hit him” so we waited again and then started hearing what sounded like a bear TRYING to growl so we started walking towards the sound and then it stopped so we just started walking in which we though was the right direction for about 40-50 yards and then I looked up and seen and bull rolled up in a ball I think I jumped 10 feet in the air out of joy!!!! I ran to him and was just so happy for doing it with the bow on and open range hunt and with my bow maybe it wasn’t a huge bull like I’ve seen before but this is just the beginning if bull busting with my bow! I couldn’t of done it without the help of my EXPERT guide my dad (Carl Cordova) owner of 2-C-R-Outfitters!


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Great bull, thanks for

Great bull, thanks for sharing

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Very nice, congrats!!!!!

Very nice, congrats!!!!!

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Cool story

Cool story thanks for sharing!

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great story

great story

Very cool thanks for sharing

Very cool thanks for sharing