New York Hunting Photos & Stories

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Unexplainable Deer Story
Mike Vacanti

Hunting with my Dad, he walked the logging trail, I decided to walk thru the thick brush to move the bedding deer. I am walking the deer path and find this big 8 point laying there? And it was still alive. We put him down and could not believe what we were looking at.

Adirondack Buck

After our Maine hunt  we returned home in time to hunt the opening of the New York deer season. We still had a couple days to prepare so we loaded the camper and the next day headed over to our favorite spot to set up which was nestled along a dirt road 14 miles off the main road. After the setting up process was taken care of we did something that we always like to do and that is taking a walk up a couple of the many trails that run through these mountains in search of wild mushrooms.

Dedication and Memories

This is dedicated to my father, William F.Jones. Who through his wisdom and love of the outdoors instilled in me the same as a child growing up that I'm sure his father also did the same. His lessons and guidance will always be followed and I'll do my best to uphold his wishes. He taught me to respect nature and to always protect her. For this Dad! I Thank You.

A Season to Remember

Well, here it is now going into the 2010 deer season and my good friend Mike and I have put up a couple new ladder stands in hopes of surprising an unsuspecting buck. It's hard to give up your normal spots especially when you've had some luck there but you need to be versatile and be able to move a little just to change the normal routine to help fool the old ghost of the woods. We worked together and moved Mike's stand to a good vantage point where he could easily spot a buck trying to sneak by and get from his feeding area to his daily bedding area.

I Don't Deserve a Turkey!
Mike Skelly

It was the last weekend of the fall turkey season.  Rob decided to sleep in.  So it was just my hunting partner Gene and I meeting at the Adams’ farm in Whitehall.  Gene had introduced me to Ed Adams and invited me to hunt on his dairy farm where we had seen turkeys for the last several years.  It was a turkey hunters' paradise where you could see turkeys any day you hunted them.  It just doesn’t get much better than that. 

My First Gobbler
Mike Skelly

I had spent three weekends unsuccessfully trying to call turkeys to me - without success.  So – for the fourth weekend I decided to change strategy.  I would leave decoys and blinds behind and instead of trying to call the birds to me, I would go to them.

Successful New York Hunt

I started hunting when I was about 11 (over 30 years ago).  I used to go out with my father on opening day of rifle season.  It is something I will never forget.  I learned so much from him about hunting and the nature of deer. It seemed like we would walk for hours, we would then sit on a log and have a snack while my dad explained why he chose this location to sit. Hunting with him were some of my best memories from my childhood.

My First Coyote
Mike Skelly

In 2007 I had my first western hunt in eastern Washington state.  While hunting mule deer (see the story “Ultimate Muley”) I experienced the wide open spaces of the western sage country.  Glassing over miles of terrain was an entirely new way of hunting for me.  It was also my first experience with seeing and learning the habits of the elusive coyote.

The Icing on the Cake
Mike Skelly

It has been a very good year.   Saturday was opening day of the regular whitetail season. 

Big Game Hunter in Training
Mike Skelly

Last year was my son’s first year of hunting.  You have to be 12 to hold any hunting license at all in NY and at least 14 to hunt big game.  The biggest game that a 12 or 13 year old can harvest in NY are turkeys and Canadian geese, so that is what we chased.  It was the best preparation for big game hunting that I could come up with to reinforce safe gun handling, stalking, and the hard, hard lesson of patiently waiting in a blind.