New Mexico Hunting Photos & Stories

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23 Years After First Elk Hunt, Dad Gets His Bull

My father first headed to Gunnison Colorado 23 years ago on his first Elk Hunt.  Two days before he left, I fell 27 feet head first from an unattended ladder leaning on a scaffold in a warehouse.  After waiting his whole life to go on the trip, everyone persuaded him to go and headed out with a group of friends he grew up hunting with. I was in the hospital after reconstructive surgery on my left arm just happy to be alive. He couldn't enjoy the hunt in Colorado knowing I was still laid up and came home early worried more about me than hunting.

Sometimes You Just Don't Use Names

Elk Hunting in New Mexico's Unit 4 during the peak of the rut is an amazing experience.  You hear Bulls bugling throughout the night and you can't walk 20 minutes in any direction without bumping into Elk.  You drive into base camp and you see Elk the whole way.  Hop on a horse and you see Elk.  Jump in an ATV and you see more Elk.  Yes, these are free ranging wild Elk jumping the Colorado State Line to mate and continue on for their winter migration.

New Mexico Pronghorn 84 5/8 SCI Gold
Steve Leone

I've found my most enjoyable hunts coming from animals I honestly never thought I'd want to harvest.  At the top of the list is the Pronghorn Antelope.  My ignorance was buried in the thought that "they all look the same" and seemed pretty dumb.  Driving through Prescott, Arizona or Route 60 from Show Low, Arizona to Socorro, New Mexico they just stand in the road and don't want to move.  I've landed at the Denver, Colorado airport and they are feeding within a couple hundred yards of the runway.  A buck looks like a buck and a doe is definitely a doe.

New Mexico Youth Elk Story
Russ Behrens
Like all of you, we await the results of the western big game draws with great anticipation.  Until 2009, we had never drawn one of the premier tags.  After checking the New Mexico draw results, we learned that my 16 year old nephew was soon to hold a very special elk tag in his hands.  My younger brother has some experience hunting elk in Wyoming; however neither my nephew Carter nor I had hunted elk and we have extremely limited hunting experience outside the Midwest.
Beginner's Luck in New Mexico
Kurtis Hulett

Hunting elk is something I've dreamed about ever since I can remember and it finally came together this year. A friend and I put in for the New Mexico draw. Using our first choice in a "easy to draw" unit, we were lucky enough to pull our tags.

Casey's First Antelope Hunt
Paul Myers
Casey was drawn for a New Mexico antelope youth hunt on the 2C/ Ranch outside of Roswell on the weekend of 19-20 Sep. 2009. We coordinated a scouting trip with the land owner Mrs. Candy Ezzel the Wednesday prior and spotted some animals just before dark which gave us a good outlook for the weekend.
First New Mexico Muley
Jimmy Putnam
Last year, my friend Scott and I planned up a hunting trip to New Mexico to hunt on his brother-in-law's ranch near Truth or Consequences. On the first afternoon of the season, he and I ventured into the mountains behind the ranch house. We split up, with Scott taking the first ridge and I headed further back to the second one. I was carrying my trusty 7600 Remington 270 pump.
Luke's New Mexico Mule Deer Hunt
Luke McKinney
We woke up the first day to rain. It rained for about 3 1/2 hours. So we ate breakfast in the tent. When it stopped raining. We got all our stuff on and walked down a river bed about a mile long. Then we started up a mountain. When a very thick fog set in, we were about half way up. When we got to the top, we sat on some rocks and waited for the fog to clear.
New Mexico Elk Hunt
John Olivas
We hunted elk in New Mexico and ended up taking this bull at approximately 7:00am on September 18th, 2001. We had hunted two full days and had the pleasure of hearing a couple dozen bull. There was lots of action, but getting close seemed to be the biggest challenge.