New Jersey Hunting Photos & Stories

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Pennsylvania Whitetail Deer & Black Bear
Jason Lyon
The whitetail deer was a 173 lb 8 pointer I harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with archery equipment. The black bear was 150 lbs, and harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with a 12 gauge 870 Remington using 2 3/4 inch Remington Premier Copper Solid Sabot Slugs. This was the second Pennsylvania black bear I have taken in 10 years in the Commonwealth.
New Jersey Deer Hunting Success
Dennis Bush
The first time I saw this deer was late summer when he was starting to rub off his velvet. I put our a trail camera a got several good pictures of the buck but they are all in the middle of the night. I scouted the areas surrounding the spot I had been seeing him and thought I had found his trail.
New Jersey Muzzleloader Deer
Bob Gallagher
This is the deer taken on 12-22-07 by my 16 year old son Connor. It was his first deer with the muzzleloader and not a bad one. Yes, he may only be a 7 pointer, but he is as high as it looks and good mass.