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2011 New Hampshire Moose Hunt - A Success!
Swamp Donkey

After several months of scouting in WMU I1, the hunt was finally here! Warm temperatures and windy conditions and an abundance of food sources made this year's hunt a hard one, at least in this unit. The moose seemed to be away from the cuts, at least the cuts we were hunting, there were a few taken in cuts but for the most part the moose had other ideas on where to get their fill. The rut was long past due by at least a week or 2 which made calling seem useless. It was a matter of finding moose outside their typical feeding areas.

80 Year Old Tags 10 Point Buck
David Berry
My 80 year old dad tagged a 10 point 184 pound buck on 11/19/2009. Dad and I have hunted the Pawtuckaway Park area in Nottingham, New Hampshire for many, many years. Although he has helped me bag a few deer over the years and times past he tagged a doe or two, it has been quite some time since he has had the right opportunity to get a deer for himself.