New Brunswick Hunting Photos & Stories

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Spring New Brunswick Black Bear Hunt
Adam Bennett

I've always loved bear hunting over any other game. Not to sure why it's been my fascination since I started hunting as a young boy, it must be in my blood. While living in New Brunswick I downed two nice black bears, one in the fall and one in the spring. Both journeys taught me a lot about the beasts and about hunting in general, I learned a lot walking the trails alone. 

New Brunswick Moose Hunt
Ken Nelson Jr.
It was a cold brisk morning late in September, unusually cool for this time of year but, we awoke early and shook the frost off anyway. It was the second day of Moose season in Central New Brunswick and after a day of too much heat and not enough animals, morale was down a bit.
My Bear - Who Would Have Ever Thought!
Beth Dore
It’s been two years since my first bear hunting experience in New Brunswick. My husband and I committed to my second bear hunt in beautiful British Columbia (and this trip proved to be successful - in more ways than one).