New York Hunting Photos & Stories

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Long Island, New York 9-Pointer
Joseph J. Pagano aka: jpcomputers
I arrowed this tall monster 11 (9 Scorable) point buck while hunting in Ridge, Long Island, New York on October 20th, 2007. I'd seen him twice the week before that early damp morning. The first time I saw him I was hunting from a ground blind. The next thing I knew he was running straight to me with my back turned towards him. I heard him stop abruptly which made me stand still. Not knowing if it was a buck or a doe behind me, I waited about 30 seconds before turning around and there he was. As I motioned to turn, he ran off about 45 yards from me.
New York Turkey Hunt
Andy Steiner
I harvested this gobbler on May 6, 2008 at 5:45 in the morning. My partner and I walked across an open field to get set up long before sunrise, but the bird started gobbling at 5:20. Go set up with B-mobile strutting tom decoy and she mobile hen decoy. We were literally set up in some brush just sitting on our knees (no big trees) when we heard the bird fly down and start triple gobbling to the light yelps and purrs I gave him.
New York Turkey Hunt Success
Jordan Widrick
This turkey I shot on the on the fourth day, of my first spring turkey season in New York. I was set up on a good a roosted tom, but little did I know that he had about 10 or 20 hens with him. So as soon as he hit the ground I did a few soft yelps and clucks but he paid no attention to me, he just followed the hens out of of gun range.
Colonel Jack and the 10 Pointer
Art Elmendorf
Antler Lake is a small wilderness lake located in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York. I was lucky enough to have lived on this lake for the past twelve years.