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Things Are Not Always What You Think
Mike Skelly

Saturday morning was the long awaited opening day of firearms season for whitetail deer in my neck of the woods.  I had posted my land last fall after my neighbor’s guest shot a buck I was following.  Not only did I not know the guest but neither he nor the neighbor had permission to be there.  The last straw was when the guy told me what a great place it was for good bucks because my neighbor had filled both their tags “right in here” last year. To the neighbor’s credit he came and apologize for trespassing a few months after the fact and promised not to hunt there again.

Learning Patience
Mike Skelly

This story is for anyone who closed the season empty handed. You are not alone, but it is said that good things come to those who wait.

A Successful Stalk and a Unicorn Buck
Mike Skelly

My boy's first stalk:

Late in 2005, there was +/- six inches of fresh powdery snow muffling my footprints as I hunted. I was hunting my way home and stalked up to 3 does bedded not far from my home. I didn’t have a doe tag. He was just eight years old. I went home and asked if he wanted to see some deer and bundled in our boots, mittens, jackets and snow suit; I brought him within sight of those does. The first he had seen in the woods. We watched them for long minutes and he took several pictures with a cheap disposable camera I carried in my day pack at that time.

Two Turkeys With One Shell, and an Arrow...Sort of...
Mike Skelly

Hardcore turkey hunters will probably not appreciate my method of turkey hunting or the fact that I took young birds.  But with only one bird to my credit life to date at the time of the hunt, I was thrilled to take any turkeys that I could legally harvest, so here is the story of how I took two birds with one shell…well and an arrow, but that hardly counts.

My First Turkey and Gramps Old Gun
Mike Skelly

I took my first turkey in spring of 2006.  It was special not only because it was my first turkey, but also because it was the first game I took with my granddad’s shotgun (a side by side Springfield Arms 12 gauge).  The old shotgun belongs to my nephew Hans, who inherited it from my granddad.  I have offered to buy it, but at present I am holding it for him while he serves in the US Army.  If I don’t end up keeping the gun, at least I have had the privilege of hunting with it.

Hunting with Dad
Ed T.

I suppose it all started when I was about 10 years old and became absolutely enthralled with all the stories in the hunting magazines my uncles (actually my Dad's uncles) gave me. I poured for hours over all the Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, and Field and Stream magazines I could get my hands on. I would even purchase or grab any unwanted older issues, even several years old, to read.

My Grandfather

My grandfather had been taking me into the woods for as long as I can remember. He basically taught me everything he knows. He taught me that hunting wasn’t about killing an animal, but that it’s about much more. He showed me that being out in the woods with wildlife, listening to the sound of greatness, and spending time with family and friends is what hunting is truly about.

Mr. Invisible

Hunting to me is more than a hobby it’s a way of life. It makes me relax and helps give me a peace of mind. I try to hunt as much as I can. Right now my main animal is the elusive whitetail deer. The season started September twenty seventh and ends in December. And during this time I usually travel back and forth between work and home where I do the majority of my hunting. And last weekend was no different. But last weekend will be remembered for the day I got the invisible buck. We called it because it was a large deer that was only caught on film.

Red Stag... in New York?
Joe Pagano aka: jpcomputers

It was October 1st of 2009. We had the whole crew going out in the woods that fine opening day morning. I was set up in a tree close to a nearby pond. And as any great white hunter will tell, you don't get much sleep the night before an opening day for a hunting season. With that said, I was nodding off all morning but trying to stay alert. It was 7:18 AM or so when I heard something walking in the pond close to me beyond the brush and trees. I quickly jumped up and grabbed the Reflex Growler.

New York 10 Point Buck
George Georgiou
On the first day of hunting season this year, Nov. 15th 2008 in Franklin, New York, I was in my stand at around 5:30 am. It was around noon that I shot this 10 point buck, not realizing its size at first.