My Mathews and Muzzy Moment

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We went on a black bear hunt in Saskatchewan this spring (2007) and on the last day of my hunt I took this monster. Approximately 400 pounds, about 7 feet and the most beautiful chocolate color. Truly a trophy of a lifetime!

We hunted with Jim's Outfitting Camp out of Cumberland House, Saskatchewan. The boat ride from Cumberland House was 40 minutes to the camp. The boat ride to your blind every afternoon was at least an hour one way. I hunted Monday and Tuesday and saw plenty of bears in the 200 to 250 pound range. The guide that was sitting in a blind above me would ask, "what do you think" and each time I told him.."not big enough". On Wednesday and Thursday when I didn't see a single bear I got to thinking maybe that wasn't such a good idea to pass on those bears.

But, on Wednesday I had decided that if I never took a bear on this trip, the scenery and wildlife that I had gotten to see was worth every penny spent on the hunt and getting there. It was amazing and the ride in the boat was as awesome as the time spent in the blind.

Friday found me in the same blind as Monday. I had seen the most bears there and was still hoping for that big color phase bear. By 8:00 pm I had decided my hunt was almost over and I was going home without a bear and I was still okay with that. At 8:30, Angus my guide leaned over and said there was a nice black bear coming and that I should get my bow ready. He then leaned over and said there was a cinnamon bear coming behind the black bear.."don't shoot the black bear, wait for the cinnamon".

I got my bow off the holder and I waited for what seemed like forever. Finally under my blind walked a bear, first his head and then after what seemed like forever came his tail. I knew it was a big bear but I sat waiting for the cinnamon bear that was behind the black. The big bear walked 20 yards in front of me and still I sat waiting for the black one.

Off to my left I saw movement and when I looked down, there was the black bear. The bear that stood at 20 yards was the cinnamon that I was to be shooting. He wasn't cinnamon, he was chocolate brown. I drew my bow and when my sleeve rubbed my jacket both bears spooked and I thought my hunt was over. Both bears ran just a short distance into the woods and then both returned. The cinnamon came back out at 20 yards and sat down. I put my 20 yard pin behind his front shoulder and released my Pink Muzzy. The monster dropped right there in his tracks. We were fortunate that Angus was able to get most of the hunt on video. The skull green scored 19 7/8 and the drying time will be up soon. He will definitely make the record books for a bear taken with a bow by a GIRL.

I'm not sure who was prouder, me or my husband. I do know that it is a hunt neither of us will ever forget. Truly the hunt of a life time.


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That is awesome. Good job.

That is awesome. Good job.

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wow, great looking bear,

wow, great looking bear, congrats