My Biggest Deer Ever!

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I was sitting in my treestand on a nice November evening and had only seen a small doe the day before, so I figured that it was going to be another one of those weekends.

About 5:00 P.M. when I heard my uncle take a shot and thought to myself that the hunt was probably over. It was about 5:08 when I heard a very loud crack to my right -- I new it couldn't have been a squirrel -- so I zoned in. I scanned the area and caught a glimpse of a deer's back leg. Through a small opening all I could see was his body and just the bottom of his antlers. When he took one more step, I saw enough of his antlers to know he was a shooter. I picked out my spot to shoot and when he stepped into it, I shot.

About 10 minutes later, my uncle came to help me find my trophy and it turned out that this was the same deer that I had heard him shoot at earlier. Lucky for me, the buck came right to me. My uncle and I searched for the deer and were suprised when we located it. I had no idea that I had taken a contender for our county record, but knew that it was a monster. I owe all of this hunt to my uncle, for taking me hunting, and introducing me to the great outdoors. Thanks!


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great hunt

Chris, That's a monster deer! Congrats on the harvest and keeping tuned in until the last minutes. Sometimes when others shoot we let out gurd down a bit, but you sure enough did not! I'd also like to make comment about your comments on your uncle. It's a very fine thing when an adult takes the time to bring a younger person out to enjoy the outdoors. It's not always best for them and their hunting, but they are doing something very very special.

Congrats to both you and your uncle!

Thanks for sharing that great story!

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Congrats, very nice buck!!!!!

Congrats, very nice buck!!!!!

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congrats, great first deer!!!

congrats, great first deer!!!

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Good Job

And a great buck!

Great buck thanks for sharing

Great buck thanks for sharing