My Big Brother David

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I have two brothers – David is my older brother and Joel is my younger brother.  David is 5 years older than I and Joel is 5 years younger.  Dad and Mom planned their parenthood well based on their financial well being.  They bought new cars every five years too!  Hmmmm...

This story though is going to focus on my big brother.  David was obviously the first born and as a first born he said he had it the hardest breaking in Dad and Mom to parenthood.  Dad and Mom agree – David MADE it hard... but that is another story.  Dad was a big guy and David definitely has more of his genes as he is 6’1” and about 300 pounds.   Me – I got more of Mom’s genes as I am 5’9” and 185.  It was fun when we were much younger as with my smaller frame I was much faster than David and could out-run him easily.  This speed was absolutely necessary and sometimes required for long distances when fighting with him.  The bad part is when David finally caught me he used that much bigger frame with his retribution.  I still love him even after all of that.

David has the “respect in people” attitude along with an incredible focus on family and values… and the same intense desire to be in the woods hunting or just the outdoors.   If you would ever meet David he would shake your hand strongly while looking you directly in the eye.  And while talking to you David would not take his eyes off of you as he really wants to hear what you have to say.  So with all of these attributes he is a great big brother.

I have a great closeness to my big brother as David also on his own took on the responsibility one year of taking over for Dad in continuing my hunting education and experience.  See one early year of mine being involved in hunting was potentially interrupted when Dad had 2 tons of sheet steel fall upon him at work.  He had one leg broken in 5 places and the other one in 3 places.  With Dad in a cast from waist to the ends of both feet he was not able to go hunting that year.   

It came hunting season that year and David owned his own vehicle.  He was 18, had a steady girlfriend, going to college part time, and was working a full time job.  He really didn’t have time for a 13 year old younger brother.  But that year for hunting season he made time for me. 

I remember that crisp November Saturday morning clearly.  Nothing was said previously about taking me hunting.  Dave worked Friday evenings until 1am or later so I had no idea he was going hunting the following morning.  I awoke to Sadie (our beagle) whining and barking in excitement – her normal response when she knew she was going rabbit hunting.  At about the moment I realized what was going on David came into my bedroom and said “c’mon you need to get dressed for hunting and get your gun”.  I leapt out of that bed and joined him in hunting that day.  I was able to get one rabbit while David shot three.  It was that day that I knew my big brother was the greatest.

Every time now that I see David I shake his hand and look him directly in the eye... and then give him a big (manly-type) hug.

David and Me


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Nice story.  I did not have

Nice story.  I did not have the fortune of having any siblings that hunted, but my Dad did, and there wasn't a season that went by without us hitting the woods.  Rabbit, squirrel, partridge, then all seasons for deer, it didn't matter.

I am 3,000 miles away now, but he still comes out here every year for doves and fishing, and I try to get back every year or 2 for deer hunting.

It's great to have family or a close friend to share those experiences with.  Your story reminds us all of that.  Thanks!

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Great story, Thank you for

Great story, Thank you for sharing. I have a younger brother and we hunt together every year. I even taught him to feild dress his animals. He can with me on my 5 day widerness hunt this year and i enjoyed every minute of it. We have been hunting partners since we were able to hunt on our own. I hope this continues for many more years. Again thank for the story.

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  ManOfTheFall - now that is


ManOfTheFall - now that is a great story too of yours - LOL!  I can only imagine your face when it happened.  I laugh but I'm also sorry that it didn't turn out differently and you had a permanent hunting partner.  However, Thanks for sharing it with me!




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That is a pretty cool story

That is a pretty cool story about sibling rivalry. Even though he was 18 and in the "prime" of his life, he still took time for his "punky" little "bratty" brother. It's great to see family helping family members in time of need. None of my older brothers ever took me hunting but one time I took my older brother hunting with me. I told him where to sit and I would try to drive some deer over his way. I jumped up a couple of does and I heard a boom. I yelled did you get her? He said he didn't think so it just kept on running. I went over and we found blood. We tracked her about 80 yards and seen her down thrashing around on the ground. Now here comes the funny part. He was always bragging about the big hunter he was even though this was like the first time he ever went. When he seen the doe thrashing on the ground he started crying and was frantically asking me what we should do. I said shoot her and finish her off. He couldn't do it so I did. That was the last time he ever came hunting with me, lol. Thanks for your story.

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i know and have met lots of

i know and have met lots of people who talk about how much they hunt and how much they love to hunt and they're super excited for deer season opener... so they can kill their first deer.

you can't truly appreciate it until you've done it. just like your brother. i'm sure he was the biggest man in the world until it came down to him having to finish the animal off. hunting is ugly, brutal and savage; but at the same time both pure and beautiful. definately bitter and sweet.

and thanks for the story, it was fun to read.