Muzzleloader Hunting Photos & Stories

Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
New Mexico Youth Elk Story
Russ Behrens
Like all of you, we await the results of the western big game draws with great anticipation.  Until 2009, we had never drawn one of the premier tags.  After checking the New Mexico draw results, we learned that my 16 year old nephew was soon to hold a very special elk tag in his hands.  My younger brother has some experience hunting elk in Wyoming; however neither my nephew Carter nor I had hunted elk and we have extremely limited hunting experience outside the Midwest.
Lower Michigan Wild Boar Hunt
Al Schultz
On October 12th, 2008 I had the pleasure of going on a Russian Wild Boar hunt for disabled hunters in lower Michigan. I used a 50 cal. blackpowder rifle. It was a once in a lifetime hunt for me, it was wonderful. I had a great time with the whole hunt.
First Tennessee Muzzleloader Deer
Chris Schmittou
This picture is of my nine year old son Caleb with his first deer taken in 2008 on our land in Wayne county Tennessee. He took this deer with my .50 caliber muzzleloader on the second day of our muzzleloader season.
Oklahoma 10 Point Deer
Gary L. Hines
Hunting from a small hang-on type stand in an oak flat near a deep brushy ravine I bagged the biggest deer of my life. On Sunday morning of the opening weekend of the Oklahoma gun season I was hunting a spot in Noble County that I had hunted for 3 years previous without any success.
Kansas Non-Typical Buck
Kevin & Ronda Joeckel
15 year old Tanner Joeckel of Kansas bagged this big buck October 5, 2008. He shot it with a muzzleloader at 35 yards. Massive 12 point rack, 7 3/8 inch drop tine!
Rhode Island Deer Hunt
Kyle A. Cloutier
My father has been teaching me how to hunt since I was little. Already this season he had taken 2 bucks. The first one he took on Saturday opening day, with his muzzleloader and the second he took on Monday, with his bow. He had been teasing me all week that I was going to be eating pasta while he chomped down on tasty venison. Well that was about to change.
New Jersey Muzzleloader Deer
Bob Gallagher
This is the deer taken on 12-22-07 by my 16 year old son Connor. It was his first deer with the muzzleloader and not a bad one. Yes, he may only be a 7 pointer, but he is as high as it looks and good mass.
Massachusetts Eight Point Buck
Erik Ungewitter
I shot this buck on a drive December 20, 2003 in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He ran right out of a thicket right at me and finally turned broadside at about 10 yards.
Colorado Bear Hunt
Juanice Gray
We'd just about given up hope of seeing any game when, suddenly, a big, black, fierce looking bear came out of the woods. It looked like it was the size of a small elephant to me with shiny black fur and all I could imagine was foot long teeth and claws to match, much like the tiger on Ice Age. Of course, it was an average bear, but never having come into such close contact with one in such a remote place, it really looked menacing. It started to creep across valley through the aspens, weaving in and out and behind brush and among the aspens and spruce trees.
Kyle's Black Powder Buck
Kyle Klaren
This is my son Kyle Klaren, he has just taken this buck in Iowa's 2004 Youth Season. He shot it in Delaware Co. in Iowa and it grossed 161 and net's 157. This is his fourth buck and largest to date! He's been shooting a 700 Remington Muzzleloader and loves it!