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Big Canadian Whitetail
Buck Down

It was my last night of muzzleloader hunting. It was getting late, and the night was becoming dark quickly. I was feeling as if I would not be filling my tag for the second year. Although my hope was fading, I was still optimistic.

Finally Drew First Blood

I was not introduced to big game hunting until adulthood.  When I moved to Colorado about 7 years ago, I opened my eyes to a world of year-round mountain recreation: skiing and snowboarding in the winter, mountaineering and rafting in the spring, camping and mountain biking in the summer.  But when autumn came around, I often found myself sitting in a dimly lit sports bar watching football games--not much different than my previous life in Chicago.  So what do people in Colorado do in the autumn?  I quickly found the answer: we hunt.

Maine Bear

I remember well the year we had made plan's on going back to Maine on a black bear hunt. My wife didn't have an interest in bear hunting but agreed to tag along and video tape the hunt to go with the story. I had contacted my friend Mark and plans were made for the hunt. I didn't have to travel to Maine to get a black bear but listening to all the stories of what it was like to hunt in Maine for them and after being there with my wife for her first buck i just had to go try it. On this trip i elected to use my Remington 50 caliber black powder rifle.

Blackpowder Rifles and 3X3s

I had rifle hunted. I had bowhunted. But it wasn't until last year that I walked through the woods with a muzzleloader in my hands. I knew I liked shooting blackpowder rifles but I had no idea that I was going to get sucked into hunting with a muzzleloader like I did. It is a very neat type of hunt. You have to mix your techniques. It is like 50/50 split between bow and rifle hunting. You can still take moving shots and your range is doubled over that of archery equipment but you are using an unscoped rifle with only one shot.

Colorado Mule Deer Muzzleloader Hunt
William Hays

It took three years, but at last, it was time to pack my bags.  It all started three years ago, when my hunting partner, Chris, ask me if I wanted to go to Colorado for a bow hunting trip for elk and mule deer.  I said, if I was going to pay money to hunt, I wanted more than a stick.  He called the Outfitted and ask about a muzzle loader hunt and how many preference points it would take. The answer was 3 and that is why it took 3 years to plan our hunt.

Basket Buck Down

The area that I hunt mule deer during muzzleloader season has a unique strain of antler genetics. Bucks with these genes tend to have VERY narrow antlers, with crabs claw front forks and tuning back forks. They normally have a distinctive curve to the main beam as well. The younger deer with these genetics are not exactly what I would call "highly sought after". But the mature bucks that I have seen with these genetics are pretty darn impressive. They are the tallest bucks I have ever witnessed in person. We call deer with these genetics "basket bucks."

2010 Colorado Muzzleloader Success

When you work in wildlife management, your personal hunting takes quite the hit. That is what I've found after I took my current job in August. When hunting season rolls around, and hunters from around the country are stalking bucks, climbing into tree stands and bugling for big bulls, workers in wildlife management are busier than ever. I ended up having to turn in my archery elk tag because I just wasn't going to be able to get time off to hunt.

First Whitetail Buck
Scott Scherer

I went to the Kansas City Sportshow and was looking at a booth about hunting Safari animals. This gentleman came up to me and asked where I was from, because he noticed my Guide shirt. I told him and he looked at me and said he was from there, and started telling me everyone he knew including my family. We talked a little bit and he told me that he has shot every Safari animal you can think of but never shot a whitetail deer. I was shocked when I saw pictures of his hunting room and it was stacked wall to wall with mounts and not one deer.

Saskatchewan Mule Deer

My brother and I skipped out on work early one Friday to head down south mule deer hunting before the muzzleloader season was over. We glassed a couple nice ones and a really big guy that was way out of range and we where running out of daylight, so decided to try one more spot with an hour left of light. Knowing the big boys would be on the move heading out to their feeding grounds.

My First Mule Deer

October 2007. muzzleloader season in southern Saskatchewan turned out to be a great weekend. I filled my tag  with this Mule deer taken at about 50 yards and only ½ hr of shooting time left before heading home, with a shot that left him dead in his tracks. We took a rough green score of around 165+. He is very clean with not a lot of deductions.